The next chase: October 24th, 2015

Disclaimer: we are not mountain guides or mountain experts. Please do your own research, understanding the hike and route and make sure you are comfortable getting up and down on your own.

We know, we know – it's last minute – but opportunities like this are what we live for and we just can't turn it down.

The weather's breaking on Saturday and we're going all in on what might be the final chasing up Mount Seymour in 2015.

While the rest of the city lays in their bed, wondering what they're going to do Saturday, we'll be on top of the world, hanging out, watching sunrise and experiencing more by 9AM than most of them will in their entire day.

The only question is "will you be there with us?"

Let's make it count!

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When: Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Time: Meeting at 6:00AM. Taking off from the lot at 6:20AM sharp.

Where: Mount Seymour Resort parking lot (1700 Mt Seymour Rd, North Vancouver BC),

Trail: We will be summiting First Peak up Mount Seymour. You can check out the details of it here. The link is for Third Peak and we will only be going to First Peak (the 7th dot), so it is about 3/4 of what they say there.

Sunrise: 7:45AM. We plan on summiting no later than 7:30AM.

Emergency Contact/Questions: If you have trouble finding the spot, any questions or cannot make it last minute, contact Julian at 604-307-7816! If you have questions, look for the guys/girls with the glowing red arm bands in the parking lot!



  • We will be hiking in the dark on the way up there, so bring flashlights or headlamps to light your way.
  • The hike is intermediate difficulty, about 4.4km each way with 400M of vertical.
  • It takes about an hour each up and an hour down, but move at a pace you are comfortable with.
  • We'll all leave the parking lot together, but please know the route and research what to expect (trail conditions, weather, etc).
  • Find a hiking buddy and stick together at all times.
  • You will have cell service 90% of the way up there, in case of emergency (but let's be honest, likely Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook).
  • Assess your own ability, know the route, the conditions and make sure you are adequately prepared.
  • Use the hashtag #chasingsunrise and tag @chasingsunrise on Instagram.
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  • Good hiking boots or shoes that are adequate for dirt trail and muddy conditions.
  • Dress very warm, but in layers. You'll work up a good sweat on the way up, but stopping for the 30-45 minutes at the top to watch sunrise can get cold. We suggest bringing a shell to block out the wind and bringing more than you think is necessary/taking it off as needed.
  • Bring a pair of gloves to keep your hands toasty.
  • Bring an extra pair of warm socks. There are some muddy/watery sections and wet feet make for a miserable hike.
  • Bring food, snacks and coffee to enjoy and share.
  • Bring whatever else you need to hike up and down a mountain such as Mount Seymour (hiking poles, water, nutrition, etc).
  • Finally, remember to do your morning lunges. Not only do they help you warm up and keep you fit, but you'll be the coolest kid in the parking lot as you do them!


Do I have to sign-up? Yes, you do! We require sign-up for a few reason: 1) to get a handle on how many people are coming up, 2) so we can provide updates if necessary, and 3) to make sure that everyone understands the risks and what's involved.

Sign-up below!

Does it cost anything? Nothing. Sign up and show up ready to experience something amazing.

Facebook Event: check out our event page here for updates or if you're looking to organize rides! If you have extra room, feel free to throw it up on the page!


Oh, and when we do it right, this is what you can expect...