The next chase: Canada DAY
Wednesday, July 1st, 2015.

Disclaimer: we are not mountain guides or mountain experts. Please do your own research, understanding the hike and route and make sure you are comfortable getting up and down on your own.

Picture this...

100s of Canadians standing on the edge of the world, anticipating sunrise after an hour long hike through the pre-dawn wilderness.

The silence of the morning surrounding them.

From the back, a voice begins to sing out "O' Canada..." and within seconds, her voice is echoed by the 100s around her, all joining in to kick Canada Day off like it's never been done before!

Their passion, their pride, their appreciation for what this country has given us travelling down from the mountains across the Vancouver landscape...

This is going to be a Canada Day you will never, ever forget.

Are you in?

PS. Red and white is the uniform, see below for details. Also, we're running a LIMITED EDITION Pay Bills and Die Canada Day tank!!!

PPS. Canada Day (Wednesday) is a Canadian holiday!



When: Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Time: Meeting at 3:10AM. Taking off from the lot at 3:30AM sharp.

Where: Mount Seymour overnight parking lot (1700 Mt Seymour Rd, North Vancouver BC), The lot is located at the top of Mount Seymour Road, to the right of the gate that blocks the road off.

Trail: We will be summiting First Peak up Mount Seymour. You can check out the details of it here. The link is for Third Peak and we will only be going to First Peak (the 7th dot), so it is about 3/4 of what they say there.

Sunrise: 5:10AM. We plan on summiting no later than 4:50AM.

Emergency Contact: If you have trouble finding the spot, any questions or cannot make it last minute, contact Julian at 604-307-7816!

Pay Bills and Die x Canada Day Edition
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What To Wear:

It's Canada Day and we are wearing our nation's colours loud! Red, white and Canadian. Hockey jerseys, hockey sticks for hiking poles, red and white shirts, massive flags, Tim Horton's cups, you name it!!!!!!

We want it to look like the Gold Medal Game of the 2010 Olympics comes to Mount Seymour!

Pay Bills and Die x Canada Day Edition

We're pumped to announce we're running a LIMITED EDITION Pay Bills and Die Canada Day tank!!!

You'll be rocking out in a sea of red and white on top of the mountain, repping both your love for Canada and your belief that there's more to life than just paying bills and dying.

We're running a limited quantity and orders have to be in by first thing tomorrow to get them in time for Canada Day, so if you want one, get off the fence and get it! You can pick them up Tuesday night or we'll bring them up Wednesday morning!


  • The hike is intermediate difficulty. It's an hour to and hour and a half up, at an average pace.
  • The hike is about 4.4km each way.
  • We will be hiking in the dark on the way up there, so bring flashlights or headlamps to light your way.
  • We'll all leave the parking lot together, but please know the route and research what to expect (trail conditions, weather, etc).
  • Hiking boots are recommended.
  • Move at a pace you are comfortable with.
  • Find a hiking buddy and stick together.
  • You will have cell service 90% of the way up there, in case of emergency (but let's be honest, likely Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook).
  • Use the hashtag #chasingsunrise and tag @chasingsunrise on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram!
  • Move at a pace you are comfortable with. 


  • Good hiking boots or shoes that are adequate for mud/snowy/rocky conditions.
  • Dress very warm, but in layers. You'll work up a good sweat on the way up, but stopping for the 30-45 minutes at the top to watch sunrise can get pretty cold. We suggest bringing more than you think is necessary and wearing it at the top.
  • Bring a pair of gloves to keep your hands toasty.
  • Bring an extra pair of warm socks. There are some muddy/watery sections and wet feet make for a miserable hike.
  • Bring food, snacks and coffee to enjoy and share.
  • Bring whatever else you need to hike up and down a mountain such as Mount Seymour (hiking poles, water, nutrition, etc).
  • Assess your own ability, know the route, the conditions and make sure you are adequately prepared.
  • Finally, remember to do your morning lunges. Not only do they help you warm up and keep you fit, but you'll be the coolest kid in the parking lot as you do them!


Do I have to sign-up? Yes, you do! We require sign-up for a few reason: 1) to get a handle on how many people are coming up, 2) so we can provide updates if necessary, and 3) to make sure that everyone understands the risks and what's involved.

Sign-up below!

Does it cost anything? Nothing. Sign up and show up ready to experience something amazing.




Oh, and when we do it right, this is what you can expect...