Chasing Sunset x September 19th, 2015

Thank you for standing beside us. If the outdoors is your thing, check them out at

Over the last few months, we've learned something about days like this.

We’ve learned that when you bring together the type of people that are willing to put themselves out there, who aren’t afraid of a little challenge and who are willing to venture into the unknown for no sake other than adventuring, it doesn't matter if things don't go exactly as planned.

With the right people, nothing but good things come from it.

Yes, it was rainy. Yes, it was muddy. And yes, it got a little bit wild. But in hindsight that's what made it so damn memorable. While most would consider turning back – that’s just not who we are. We wanted the adventures. We wanted the stories. And we wanted the experiences.

And because we were willing to just go for it – because we put ourselves out there – we got the adventures. We got the stories. And we got the experiences.

While the rest of the city sat at home, we were doing those things that at the end of all of it, you look back and never forget.