Chasing Zen x December 27th, 2015

To many, it was just another cold and damp late-December morning. You know, that time between Christmas and New Years where you don’t really know what day it is or what you’re supposed to be doing.

But for a small handful of people who knew they couldn’t let the rest of 2015 slip away without making it count, it was a morning that can be described as anything but ordinary.

Shortly before 6AM, they were handed the keys to the city, being taken 550 feet above the city to The Vancouver Lookout for a morning of unreal people, surreal views of the city asleep, and a yoga class lead by the one and only Jason Hagemeister of YYoga.

Sticking true to what CS is all about, this small group of people’s willingness to push their own boundaries – many getting up at 4AM while others slept off their holiday hangovers – allowed them to experience more by 9AM than most will in an entire day.

This, my friends, was a whole new kind of Chasing Sunrise – and we call it Chasing Zen.

Simply put, this event couldn't happen without the support of some rad friends around town!


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