There were so many reasons to say no – a busy conference, undetermined weather, plans that ended later than we thought, and the voices inside our head at 3AM, telling us it wouldn't be worth it...

But opportunities like this are what, at the end of it all, make life interesting.

Mornings like this, much like the future, are unknown. With so many uncertainties for both, the one thing we can control is ourselves, and our willingness to show up, to experience, to engage and to come together.

And it's in moments where we are surround by other like-minded individuals, all willing to put ourselves out there and venturing into the unknown together that we can come together, unified to create the spaces we all want.

And it's in those moments, that we look back on when we are once again warm, cozy and comfortable, that we know those experiences are worth it.

We'd say more, but we'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Captured by the endlessly talented Wendy Shepherd Photography.