Chasing Sunrise definitely isn’t your average team building experience.

And that's the point.

We're not looking to simply have your team bond, we want to give them a life changing experience.

Rising hours before dawn, we guide your team to some of the best places in Vancouver to catch sunrise. From the tops of buildings to the tops of mountains, this is about more than just watching pretty sunrises. From the challenge of getting up hours before sunrise, to the glory of sitting beside your teammates as you watch the beauty of a new day break, this is a complete and immersive experience in life.

Oh yah, and we can even have you back in the office by 9AM.

How's that for productivity?


Don't believe us? See what the others are saying.

"I had no idea what to expect showing up that early in the morning. But when I rolled into the parking lot and saw 50+ other people, I knew it wasn't going to be bad. Looking back, it was an experience I couldn't have even imagined. There was something alive about the whole experience. I feel like that is what it means to be alive. Such an amazing experience. Can't wait to do it again.
- James G.


"That morning, staring into the sun.. with so many positive people. It literally changed my life..."
- Brittney Q.


"The 2:30AM wake-up call wasn't easy. But sitting up on top of that mountain beside 12 of my best friends, as we watched the sun come up over the mountains...
...I wouldn't trade that for any amount of sleep."
- Jessica G, Kit + Ace


"I need more of that in my life. Period."
- Tung N.


Why Chasing Sunrise.

Simply put, Chasing Sunrise is a transformative experience that brings people together and re-aligns them with what matters in life. There's something about waking up hours before the rest city and accomplishing something most think is out of their grasp that shakes people up. In ever chase, we see people come back more alive and refreshed, and with a greater sense of clarity and focus.

We see people who now want to make it count.


What to expect.

There's two types of chases to choose from:

Summit Series – This is the original and most popular chase. We guide your team through the early morning to summit a mountain, just in time to catch sunrise. As you sit there on top of the world, sipping hot coffee with your team mates and watching the sunrise on the horizon, you'll feel exactly what it means to be alive.

City Series - Hiking mountains isn't everybody's version of fun and we get that. That's why developed the City Series. The City Series takes you on an adventure through the city to catch sunrise in some of the best spots. From the tops of roofs to some of the best hidden locations, this experience will have your team looking at our city and their life from a whole new perspective.


What it looks like.


What's The Investment?

We don't believe corporate events should break the bank and can set up an event to work with almost any budget. Typically, Chasing Sunrise events have ranged from $1,000 to $2,500, but can be tailored to something that suits your needs. The number of people and the type of chase you want to do are what influence the cost.