Chasing Sunrise: Summer Solstice
June 21st, 2015

There are moments in life when, as crazy as they might have seemed at the time, you know that the choices you made were the right ones. 

Today was definitely one of those moments.

200+ people willing to make a choice that most think is absolutely crazy. 200+ people willing to put themselves out there and make a choice to make today count.

We have to admit, in some ways, the choices we made today were crazy, but we also know that that craziness is what makes life worth living.

That craziness is the difference between a life of banality and a life of adventure. Between disengagement and ecstasy. And between being unaffected by the present and being absolutely emotionally ravished by it.

As we sat there beside 200 of our new best friends, it felt as if the world was standing still. Nothing mattered but what was in front of us and who was beside us.

This morning brought us a little bit closer to what life is all about. It gave us a glimpse of what we all so desperately want out of life: a life worth living...

We'd say more, but we think the pictures speak for themselves.

PS. We'll be uploading more on Monday, so check back again and we'll get the rest up!

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