Sunday, November 13th, 2016


We're meeting at 5AM sharp. Don't be late. We'll be leaving the location at 5:30AM.
We'll have you dropped back off at the meet-up location at 5PM.
If you have any questions or morning complications, shoot Julian at text/call at 604-307-7816.


Meet-up location:

We'll be meeting at the MEC head office (1077 Great Northern Way). Parking lot is accessed from Glenn Drive (turn North onto Glenn Dr. from Great Northern Way)
There will be free parking for your car all day.
From there, a ride for you will be taken care of for the rest of the day.
See you there at 5AM sharp!

What to bring:

  • Show up wearing athletic wear and appropriate footwear for the outdoors and some rain
  • Headlamp or small flashlight
  • A full change of clothes (including a pair of dry shoes)
  • A towel
  • Swimwear

What to expect:

We're keeping details vague, but expect to start the day off with a sweat and then connect with some rad people.

There will be a physical component to this. If you are unable to engage in the physical aspect, shoot us a message below and we can accommodate.

We'll have a sign-in and waiver the morning of.

Couple of quick ground rules:

No f***ing maybes. If you've come this far, we consider you committed to the experience. We promise it will be dope.



Our friends from Evo Car Share have stepped up and lent us cars, so all of us can get around together tomorrow.

If you're a member and would be comfortable driving, that would be rad, let us know below.

If you're not a member and would be down to sign-up and drive, click here (Promo code: EVO2U).
They process applications in about an hour or less now, so no sweat there.

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