Peak Project Liaison

Peak Project is becoming a defining program for Chasing Sunrise. With Peak Project 1.0 all wrapped up, we are excited to be looking ahead to see how we can make 2.0 that much bigger and better....and that includes how participants are motivated.

Your duties?

As the Peak Project Liaison, you will become the face of Peak Project. You will be the one our participants will see every week as they embark on an endurance journey to test their strength and knowledge gained from the boot camp night. It will be your words they read in our weekly email that will get them pumped and encouraged to attend each week.

What we're looking for?

Chasing Sunrise is looking for someone who has that motivating and encouraging attitude. This type of personality helps to drive our participants not only to show up each week, but do more than they thought they could once they got there. It starts with having a solid weekly email outlining what to expect for the week ending with inspiring words to make sure they get their butts out. Once they arrive, it's making sure they continue to give everything they have into what's expected for the day and then leaving knowing that they are capable of "summiting" their goals. 

Why you should be stoked to come on board?

We believe all of us have more inside than we bring out. For some, it’s sitting right on the surface and for others, it’s buried deep, below a mountain of barriers, momentum, and BS.

We exist to help bring that out of people – and this is your opportunity to be a catalyst in that.

This is about more than just push-ups, burpees, and hill sprints. It’s about helping people realize they are only in 2nd gear.

What are the logistics?

With everything that goes into running a program like Peak Project, we want to make sure we clear up the little details for this to be successful.

  • The Peak Project Liaison will work closely with Project Manager - Ashley Bergson throughout the program.
  • Each week, the Peak Project Liaison will draft up a weekly email to send out to the participants that will include information previously provided. It will be sent to Project Manager for review and sending.
  • Peak Project runs for 10 weeks. As the second night/day of Peak Project alternates each week, the availability will be pending on what is happening that week:
    • Thursdays: 6:15pm to 8:00pm plus travel
    • Saturdays: 6:45am to end of hike plus travel
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