Peak Project Boot Camp Trainer

Peak Project is becoming a defining program for Chasing Sunrise. With Peak Project 1.0 all wrapped up, we are excited to be looking ahead to see how we can make 2.0 that much bigger and better....and it starts with how they are trained.

Your duties?

As the Boot Camp Trainer for Peak Project, you will be responsible each week to provide a work out for the participants that can help strengthen them not only physically but mentally as well. It starts with the movement but always ends up becoming more than just a workout.

What we're looking for?

Chasing Sunrise is looking for someone who has the entrepreneurship drive to make this night of Peak Project a good foundation for what else our participants can accomplish through the program. We want someone who is ready to be the motivator and implement the knowledge participants need to not only succeed during that particular workout but also outside of Peak Project.

Why you should be stoked to come on board?

We believe all of us have more inside than we bring out. For some, it’s sitting right on the surface and for others, it’s buried deep, below a mountain of barriers, momentum, and BS.

We exist to help bring that out of people – and this is your opportunity to be a catalyst in that.

This is about more than just push-ups, burpees, and hill sprints. It’s about helping people realize they are only in 2nd gear.

What are the logistics?

With everything that goes into running a program like Peak Project, we want to make sure we clear up the little details for this to be successful.

  • Prior to the start of Peak Project, the trainer will work with Ashley Bergson - Project Manager, on the fitness program and how it will look - from the location for each night, to the movements the participants do, to the knowledge each participant gains. 
  • The Peak Project Bootcamp Trainer should be able to incorporate motivation into their portion of the program. This includes motivation for attendance, motivation within and being able to create the social accountability within the group.  
  • Peak Project will run for 10 weeks. The first and last week of the program will be designated for the fitness test. The remaining six weeks will be the fitness workouts. The time commitment for the trainer would be every Tuesday night for the duration of Peak Project from 6:30pm to 8:00pm plus travel time. For the fitness tests, the trainer will be in attendance as support for the participants as it will be run by the Peak Project Liaison. Prior to the program starting, the trainer will commit to having the entire plan completed by the launch of the program (three weeks before the start date). 
  • Rate of pay will be on per session basis and can be further discussed.
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