Senior UX / UI Designer


Vancouver, BC.


What: A Sr. UX/ UI designer to join the team, implement some features we've built, design new features, own the roadmap. 
Hours: Part-time / remote (must be able to meet and work in Vancouver occasionally)
Start: Immediate
Duration: 2 months or ongoing if a fit.
Rate: Flexible. Hourly. Monthly. Bonus based. 
You:  You care about people. But are willing to challenge people and conventions, are bold in creativity, execution, design and in fighting for what is best.


How many people are building tech and products that are stuck trying to shuffle deck chairs, compete and make money in the old paradigms, but don't actually hit home for humans? 

This isn't about an app, but we have one.
It isn't about events or experiences, but we and this community create them regularly.
It isn't about a social platform, but we're connecting everyone. 

This is about what it means to be human, to strive, to live a good life and to share that with others.

It's also about how to leverage technology to actually handle the complexity of those human needs in a simple, repeatable, scalable, decentralized way. 


Wired for and dedicated to want to have a real, tangible, substantial impact on people via design (online and offline). 
The messages we get from people are absurd. It is currently life-changing, and the current design/tech is a drop of the vision. 

Open-minded, willing to challenge and be challenged, collaborative but who also wants to own the design and process. 

Driven to build great things: both on the small individual scale, and also on the scale of leaving a legacy.    


Chasing Sunrise is looking for a UX designer to help us make some headway right now on the expanded features we've been building, while also taking ownership for the direction of the application, and suite of microservices being built to support.

the next version of our framework for 21 Damn Early Days: a multi-faceted framework that helps people around the world wake up at 4:30am and get after becoming the person they have always wanted to be.

Our first run in January, with no marketing, was wildly successful and had people with us in almost every single timezone. We realized two things: it is effective, and it is universal. There is a potential for a significant jump in scale.

Current System: (node.js, Mongo, Twilio + blog for content delivery + FB for community connection)  

New System: Likely adding React and AWS Lambda to the mix for scale the option to go native. For both technology and design, we are always looking to ensure we cover off three key things: 

  • The Individual: It helps someone help themselves
    • Learn and remember what people want, watch their progress and help them all along the way if they want it.
  • Community: It helps people connect
    • Help them help each other across the gradient of interaction depth: make it easy to connect on different levels including sharing personal posts, online chat, and offline/in-person meetings with each other.
  • Genuine Communication: It helps us connect with the people 
    • With people where they are, when they want or need us, outside of any one platform. 

We are looking for someone who has deep expertise in modern web languages, and for an engineer that understands that we almost have an obligation to turn peak of technology back towards helping people live fulfilling and much better lives.  

We’re a creative team who genuinely enjoys playing together to build things that genuinely help people live and smash life.  


Things You Would Do With Us:

  • Create and own the product roadmap.
  • Design, architect, and create a coherent design throughout the platform and touchpoints 
  • Dream up and help implement features.
  • Implement internal tools and processes that help us improve our quality and pace of design x development.
  • Lead creative sessions with the teams internally.
  • Track for impact and communicate with the community for input on their genuine needs for features and style.

Things We Consider Critical:

  • You have and innate curiosity about how things (especially humans) work.
  • You’ve been designing interaction and web applications as a pro for 3+ years, can show us what you've worked on, and explain why what you did mattered for both the application and for the humans using it.
  • Have interest or knowledge, or at least a belief in the value of not only online, but offline Interaction Design principles.
  • You own the roadmap, design vision, and can have layman discussions around driving design direction forward.
  • You can code, or understand it enough to talk shop, play and share ideas.
  • You enjoy helping others learn, mentoring for its own sake, and teaching.
  • You possess strong design fundamentals and also enjoy trying to find an even better way.
  • You understand how to protect us and our users from the inflection points of the webs.
  • When things break you eager to find out why, to jump in and fix things, and enjoy looking for a higher level long-term solution where it might apply.
  • You are someone that others love working with due to your open-minded technical and creative competence, genuine nature, good vibes, willingness to challenge others in a positive way, and commitment to make awesome things with other people.


  • You care about humans more than you do about design and technology. And you care deeply about them both because of what it can do for people.
  • You've taken your degree or equivalent experience and have worked well together with others to keep pushing your own boundaries. 

Bonus Points:

  • Have striven for excellence in some discipline (sports, art, music, business, adventure)
  • Experience with progressive web apps, React or Exponent or native apps.
  • Experience with Sketch or similar program.  
  • Interest or expertise in big data, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), data mining, voice recognition, or other artificial intelligence.
  • Experience in or passion for behavioural psychology.
  • Experience with top shelf startups or Silicon Valley companies.
Don’t just come here to do the best work of your life. Come here to do work you would die happy having done, and live a rad life while you are at it.

Chasing Sunrise is a on a mission to make life better for as many people as possible. We believe in the genuine democratization of high performance and we use social structures, the best technology, and deep understanding of humanity to do it.

We also believe everyone deserves to be a part of a team that is compassionate, fun as hell, hilarious, empathetic, has tough conversations in stride and treats this all like an adventure that our 90 year old self will be proud of. We try our best to live by our values and hire accordingly.

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