We believe three things to be true:

  1. People want more out of life;
  2. They are willing to work for it (on their terms); and
  3. They need the right environment to chase it.

Chasing Sunrise has come to build a community 10s of thousands strong and we've done it by doing a few things really well. Understanding social, putting on really cool events and working to capture these events so they spread like wildfire afterwards.

So, what is Chasing Sunrise?

On the front-end and at the core, we are a community and a tribe of people who understand that with each sunrise we are given a choice to make: we can either stay in bed waiting for life to come to us or we can get up and get after it,

On the back-end CS is an an events company, an experiential marketing engine, and a creative studio. 

Here's a view into what we've done: 

There is no place we work better than the white space.

In a world of endless options, there is no one size fit all campaign that works, so we start each project with a simple question: what impact do you want to have on people?

From there, we build out an experience and campaign that really hits home and influences people in the way you want.

Using this model, we have successfully worked with Jansport, MEC, Ultimate Ears, YYoga, and many others to create events that blend an intended impact seamlessly with the values and energy of CS, and ultimately gives customers something they want.

We can take care of it all:

  • Ideation and concept creation 
  • Event planning and execution
  • Content creation and roll-out
  • Social stories and engagement
  • Post campaign engagement

Why Partner With Us?

1. Our Ability To Mobilize People

We create impactful events and campaigns that, while created for the purpose of marketing, feel nothing like it to the customer.

It's our biggest strength and we've done it time and again:

  • Pulled 800 people out of bed at 2AM and up a mountain for sunrise on Canada Day 2016.
  • Repeatedly drawn 300, 400, 500 people out to our large events.
  • Continually pull high quality, focused groups to our weekly content and photo adventures.
  • Drew 100+ people to the top of a mountain in a foreign city and country, to create the capstone event for Ultimate Ears' 10,000 mile tour.

2. Our Genuine Influence

We stand for values that resonate deeply with this generation.

They trust us and our choices with regards to our own gear and with the partners we bring in. They always ask us what we are using/wearing/training with because they know we use the things that work and will always have their best interest in mind. They respond to that with purchases:

At one event, with a promo code, we had 55% of all attendees (60 total) purchase a $200+ bluetooth speaker based on how we seamlessly showcased it throughout the event.

3. Our Demographic

The CS demographic is millennial at the core, and has proven to have a strong female attraction, paired with high engagement rate among men:

4. Our Reach

Social Channels Followers Avg. Likes Engagement %
Instagram 40k 2k 6.25
Twitter 2.1k 20 4.5
Snapchat N/A 650 views N/A
Facebook 5.8k 32 10.4
Mailing List Subscribers Open Rate Click Rates Long Survey Resp. %
10k 52% 10% 30%

Who We've Partnered With

So what can we create for you?

Drop us a line here or take a quick look below for some more insight into the campaigns we've run.

Chasing Sunrise Events 

Pretty pictures are good, but in a "look at me world" do you know what's even more impactful? Experiencing it for yourself. 

CS can help you, help people, do just that.

Our formula is simple: create experiences that people want in life and then remove the barriers to get people to them - all they have to do is say yes.

The energy this creates and the content that comes from it motivates people to share socially and has lead to rapid growth.


Chasing Sunrise started with a simple premise – waking up and getting more out of life.

And it turns out we weren't alone. What began with 3 of us hiking to the top of the mountain for sunrise just over a year ago has turned into a movement, rapidly growing to hundreds showing up each time, in cities across the country, culminating with 800 people (on only 48 hours notice) singing O'Canada on July 1st, 2016.

We've run these events as value-adds to our community, as well as for brands, which have included rallying 100+ people in a foreign country, as the capstone event to Ultimate Ears 10,000 mile role.

From, there we set out to prove that it wasn't the mountains or the scenery drawing people in, but the desire to experience unforgettable events.

We distilled the principles that made our chases unique, viral, and impactful and designed one-of-a-kind experiences around them.


Chasecamp was created for MEC and BC Parks with the goal of getting people back out into nature.

We'll admit, we weren't quite sure how the concept of taking 50 strangers, putting them on a bus, and sending them into an undisclosed location for a weekend would go – but after nearly 2,000 applications in just 8 days, we got our answer.

The event turned out to be something that was not only unforgettable and powerfully emotional for the 50 people we brought together, but also something that was widely talked about on social for months after the event, leading to media coverage and spin-off events.

For MEC and BC Parks, Chasecamp worked because it created space for that engagement to happen - a concentrated event with alignment between partners, participants and the Chasing Sunrise brand. No BS, no sales pitches - just a real and genuine experience where people made true friends, engaged with our partners in real ways, and re-engaged with themselves.

And while you can do a lot with 36 hours, we know the real impact comes weeks, months and years after #Chasecamp. More than just 36 hours into the unknown, the adventure glued together 50 strangers who still hang out and get into nature to this day. It also created loyal customers of both MEC and BC Parks.

Chasecamp 2016 was so successful we are not only repeating it bigger and better in Vancouver (May 2017), but expanding it to Calgary (July 2017) and Toronto (September 2017).

Check the stats and details of what went down on our Chasecamp 2016 recap page (pw: makeitcount).

3. HUT TRIP ["OPERATION-X"] - July 2016

Following the success of Chasecamp, we followed up with Hut Trip.

While Chasecamp showed that by focusing on substance over hype, seemingly simple events can become incredibly powerful, we worked with Jansport and Granville Island Brewing to prove a different point – that you don't have to go far for world class adventure.

For Hut Trip, we received 3,000+ applications in just 5 days, and distilled it down to 20 strangers, flying them into the remote and unfamiliar setting of Lake Lovely Water, no further than 20 minutes outside of Vancouver.


A full run down of Hut Trip 2016 can be found here (password: makeitcount).

4.Rugged Maniac - August 2016

Not all of our events are weekend-long trips.

Rugged Maniac came to us a week before their August 2016 event, looking to leverage the Chasing Sunrise community to boost attendance numbers.

The result? In one week we rallied 100+ attendees to the event, filled an entire school bus to get them there, and created a splash that had their event organizers buzzing.

Check it out.

Let's create things that matter.