Chasing Sunrise: May 24th, 2015

It's humbling to realize, but the only thing we really have control over in our lives is the work we put in. The world has it's own timeline, but we know luck favours the well prepared. Some chases you catch, others you don't. What matters is that each time, regardless of the expected outcome, you show up and put the time in, leaving it all on the table.

50 strong, that's exactly what happened on Sunday. We showed up and left everything on the table – from the crazy 3:00AM start to hiking up a disorienting mountain in the pitch black fog. And while some on the outside may say that it was a waste to chase with no sunrise, those of us up there know otherwise. Those of us up there know that the real reward is in the journey and the people you meet along the way.

50 strong. 50 new best friends. 50 remarkable stories. Endless new memories and opportunities.

Oh yah, and next time, we'll be even better prepared for more.


(Instagram @Chasingsunrise)

To the crew, feel free to enjoy and share the photos below. Please give credit to our photographers, they throw it all on the line and kill it for us every time!

Adam Nagy (@adnagy on Instagram)

Nicholas Ning