GIB Content Takeover

Our recipe for success includes three things: real-world storytelling, unreal content, and proven strategies.
That's it.

We want to work with Granville Island Brewing to bring what's worked for us, into your fold, helping you grow your social channels and creating deeper, more engaging relationships with your customers.


The gist:

Over the past year, we've spent more than our fair share of time building social and had some pretty good results. Now, we want to take that knowledge and help you smash it.

We know we can help in the following areas:

  • Image creation, quality and frequency (paramount to higher engagement)
  • Campaign ideation, story telling, and execution 
  • Engagement growth, depth of interaction and follower growth

What we propose:

  1. Content Creation - creating high quality images and micro-stories that get your audience engaged
  2. Social Media Management - managing your content and growth on social on an 80/20 basis – we do 80% of the heavy lifting, while you still have the key 20% oversight and executive control. This frees you up to focus on other areas and brings guaranteed growth to this important KPI.

We've laid out some options:

20161025 - GIB Edits-10.jpg

1. Content Creation

At the core of social is content. We can help you create visuals, micro-stories, and concepts that will engage your audience.

What's Included:

  • 15+ highly quality, custom, brand specific images per month.

Intended Use: Social

Retainer: $1,000/month

20161025 - GIB Edits-3.jpg

2. The Kitchen Sink: Content + Social

This includes all that we do in content creation, plus the management and growth of two social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest)

What's Included:

  • Strategic and creative kickoff (why, what impact, how, style guide)
  • Custom and curated images, as above
  • Crafted micro-stories
  • Engagement with all relevant comments & questions
  • Strategic growth of follower base
  • Social base-lining, listening & analytics 

Intended Use: Social

Retainer: $2500/month

20161025 - GIB Edits-12.jpg

3. À La Carte: Add-Ons

Additional Images: $500 per 10 social images

Video Clips: $1,000 per 30 second clip

Campaign Shoots: price determined by scope of project

Further Usage Rights: price determined by scope of usage



Sample Pack: