Over the past year, we’ve poured our heart and soul into creating spaces for people to come together and live – and the response has been overwhelming.

From Sunday School to Spirit Quests, Damn Early Days and Hut Trips, you, and hundreds of others, reciprocated the love and together we created something that this city has never seen.

Now, we want to take that to the next level, but to do so, we need your help, your voice, and your thoughts.

CS Townhall is the first ever gathering to chat about Chasing Sunrise and its direction.

If you want a say in the direction and growth of Chasing Sunrise, we'd love to have you.



When: Jan 10, 6pm to 9pm
Where: 440 West Hastings, Vancouver
Why: Because this community has a ton of potential and we need your help, your voice, and your thoughts to bring it out.

PS. If you got it, please bring something to sit out (pillow, camping chair, etc.). There's plenty of standing room, but not 100% sure on how much sitting space.