A regular meeting/work session for anyone who wants to build or help with an event.


Every weekend. Every summer. Winter. Evening, or morning is a blank canvas.
Or so a lot of people think... 

In reality - every moment of life is grey.
It's filled with the static of life.
With the pushes and pulls of the temptations, and influences and noises all around us.

Until we decide to do something about it, 
and make it into something it otherwise would not have been, it is will just stay gray.It takes a choice.

And effort.
And a willingness to step outside of it all,
to be able to create and build something different.  

This is a platform to not only create the experiences want to have for yourself
(PS it's OK to want things).

It's also about the experiences, feelings, learnings, shifts or just a fun-ass times that you want to give and share with other people.

This team definitely won't be about glamour. 

And It will be about work.
And being scrappy.

And creativity.
And building something together with others, that did not have to exist.

But it will exist.

And when it does come to life,
and the work we all put in together comes to fruition,
seeing the life it unlocks in the eyes of the people around you will dwarf glamour.

This community is full of incredible humans who have a lot of positive energy, a drive to create and a drive to give and help.

Let's build things that matter.
(and have a ton of fun all along the way.)

The Details: 

What: Community-Created events meeting every Thursday, 6pm

Where: 688 Abbott Street Vancouver, apartment 2008, buzzer #358

When: Kickoff April 19th - 6:00PM - 8:00PM weekly or bi-weekly thereafter (depending on which events you choose to work on). 


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