Disclaimer: There is no official event this year. We are not guides/mountain experts and this is NOT a guided adventure.
You are go out at your own risk and with your own prep and knowledge.
Do your own research, understand the hike/route/conditions, and make sure you are comfortable getting up and down on your own.

This isn't about any one of us. Isn't about any one location.

This is about every single one of us, and every hectare that surrounds us:

Mountains. Cities. Oceans.

Waking up. Coming together. Exploring.
United by our beliefs, our values and our willingness to make it count.

Last year, from coast to coast, thousands of us met at the tops of mountains at 5AM across the country to show Canada what we're all about.

This year, we're taking that spirit and calling on people everywhere to get out for sunrise and celebrate Canada's 151+ wherever they are, wherever they can and to share it with us all.

It might be a mountain top. It might be lakeside or on the ocean. It might be on your front porch or the local park.

Grab your friends, your family, wake up damn early, grab coffee and got outside wherever you can to take in sunrise.   


Get Creative. Get some Friends. Go Outside. 

That's why we're taking this event and spreading it out. All of us coming together under the same choice, but doing it in ways that protect the back-country, and are accessible to anyone who's got the determination to get up damn early and show their pride.

1. For various reasons, there isn't a centralized event this year: We are not organizing an event on Mount Seymour this year and encourage everyone to find other creative locations! We know a few people may go anyway, so if you do be sure to take incredible care of the space and the people around you.

2. Think outside the box: Get up, get a crew , friends, family, or go solo, and get out for sunrise wherever you can. It doesn't have to be a mountain peak. It's not about that. It's about getting up and choosing to make your freedom count. We got a few ideas for you below.

3. Share it with all of us: We'll be giving out prizes for the best IG stories and social posts. 

We're giving away a bunch of prizes for some of the best IG stories and social posts out there:

  • The best mountain sunrise sessions
  • Ocean or lake sunrise sessions
  • City or rooftop sessions.
  • Family squad edition (can be anywhere your kids, parents, grandparents can catch sunrise together)
  • Best anthems ("best" could also be the worst - send it!!)
  • Best non-sunrise anthem (it's about the chase, not just the sunrise. Belt it.)
  • Leave No Trace: for the best clean-ups - we'll also mail a set of PBAD cards to anyone who posts a story of themselves taking garbage out of the spaces they go into.  

All you gotta do is show us how stoked you are, and tag @chasingsunrise.
Bonus points for tagging @mec and #goodtimesoutside


To see if you'll catch the sunrise use this tool to check angles for your location:


If you're set on a mountain, some options you might like (we can't confirm conditions, sunrise or safety at any of these):  

If you're looking for something accessible, here's some options we know catch sunrise (we can't confirm conditions, sunrise or safety at any of these):

Disclaimer: We are not guides/mountain experts and this is NOT a guided adventure.
You are attending at your own risk and with your own prep and knowledge.
Do your own research, understand the hike/route/conditions, and make sure you are comfortable getting up and down on your own.



This morning is about getting out there united as Canadians. It's about getting up, getting after it, and making it one hell of a Canada Day morning – together – all before most even roll out of bed.

We ask that you only bring good vibes and make this event something rad for everyone!


Send it. This community isn't the kind of people who shy away when it gets a little wet
PS. Weather is currently looking awesome.


This is about all of us, so bring your friends along.
Stick together and don't go off on your own!
Make sure people know where you are at all times.


Plan your routes. Assess your own abilities. Know the routes, the conditions, and the weather wherever you're going.
Make sure you are adequately prepared to get up and down on your own.



The uniform is all red and white everything, duh!

Don't have the proper gear? You can head over to the closest Mountain Equipment Co-op and get what you need!
Come prepared.


  • The Essentials
  • Water / hydration
  • Hiking poles are helpful in the snow / inclines
  • Garbage bags to help keep the mountain clean.
  • Dress warm, but in layers. You'll work up a good sweat on the way up, but stopping up top can cool you down quickly.
  • A shell to block out the wind.
  • A pair of gloves to keep your hands toasty.
  • An extra pair of warm socks.
  • Whatever else you deem necessary to stay warm, dry and safe based on the area and conditions.
  • More snacks and coffee.


The plus stands to acknowledge the Indigenous peoples who have been here long before Canada was, well, Canada. It represents our understanding that there is a history to the land we are on – a history that predates colonization.

It is our commitment to look into the future with a hope that all communities, Nations, and peoples will walk together as a stronger society than ever before.

Think of it as a mark of what we hope to achieve going forward – a community that not only looks towards a bright future, but does so while recognizing the past that brought us to where we are today.



This community is built on the strong values of respect, care, and responsibility for people and the areas we interact with. We don't tolerate ignorant, intoxicated, disrespectful, or damaging behaviour.

We’re all in this one together, so take a minute to understand, read and live the simple rules we go by:


Bring only good vibes, take care of those around you, and know we’re in this together.


Getting every one of us home safely is priority one and the responsibility of all of us.


We’re here to meet rad people and make new friends, so take time to introduce yourself.


Respect and care for the wild as if it was your own – because it is. It's simple: leave no trace.


We’re here to create the kind of live we want to live. While you’re here, make it count.


With independence comes some responsibility and we expect that you will act accordingly.



Every single person getting home safely really is priority number one. It is more important than anything any of us does that morning and we ask that it becomes the mission of every single one of us out there. We have built this community to be one that relies on each other to help make sure we all make it home safely every single time and need your help to keep that alive.

We ask that wherever you go, you come together to make sure that all of us make it home safely. Do you research, know where you are going, stick with the group and to the trail, help other people stay safe, have people who will know if you get lost, and don't push boundaries. Bring good vibes and help make it a morning to remember.

Any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.



If you've already got an adventure and want some friends, or want to find one, drop it in the CS x Vancouver FB Group.