Everest Basecamp

We don't want to just assume we know what you want – we'd rather ask you and build trips that all of us our stoked on.

As we get closer to launching an trip to Everest Basecamp, we got a few questions that will help shape the style of trip we go on and the experience we bring in to it.

With a trip like Everest, there are many ways we can do it – from a bare bones cheap trip with no guides, help or set up along the way to a higher end experience with more things packed in, help/sherpas/guidance through out, and better places to stay.

We appreciate you taking 5 minutes to share your thoughts below.

What kind of trip would you want? *
Totally respect any sensitivity around money. On a human level, we just want to say that we get it, have been there/are there, and want to pull down the barriers most of us have about finances. This city is expensive as hell and most are in that situation. We wanna break the stigma that it's something to not talk about. All based on a ~15 day trek Bare Bones Budget Trip aka Doing It On Our Own – Roughly between $500 and $1,500 plus cost of flight. This is a barebones backpacking trip to Everest Basecamp. We wouldn’t have sherpas to carry the load or set up. We would be responsible for all our camp set-ups, managing our flights and transportation within Nepal, building our own itinerary, and we would be required to cover all our own meals. Middle of the Road – Between $1,500 and $2,500 plus flight. Would have sherpas to set-up and guide, itinerary would set, accommodation would be covered. We’d be responsible for our own meals (budget $450 to $700 for meals). Do It And Do It Right – Roughly between $2,500 to $4,000 plus flight – All that the Middle of the Road has, but better accommodations, some extra stops on the itinerary, and all your meals cooked and covered by the guides.
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