In partnership with the BC Mountaineering Club.

In partnership with the BC Mountaineering Club.

Fall is setting in, which means one thing: winter is on its way.

Before it gets here, we’re heading back up to Watersprite for one last huge trail building day – setting up bridges, clearing floods, and making sure its accessible all winter long.

And we need as many people as we can get.

Yep, this is going to be a big one, so if you’re down to get out with us, put in some seriously needed work, and leave the kind of impact that makes a difference, we’d be stoked to have you out there on September 29th.

We’re rallying as many people as we can for this one.

Details are below.



What: Watersprite trail building with the BCMC.

When: Saturday Sept 29 – 7AM to 4PM.

Meet Up: St. Davids Church Parking lot
1575 Taylor Way, West Vancouver BC then heading to trail head.

Return: Same day, later afternoon / early evening

Trail Head: Watersprite trail head in Squamish, off the Mamquam River forest Road, just past the Chief. Driving directions from the meeting place can be found here.

Rides: Access to the trail head requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Let us know if you have one in the sign-up below and we will be doing our best to organize rides.

Gear: BCMC is suggesting to bring rain gear, headlamps, work gloves, and sunglasses/eye protection.

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Volunteers will be performing the following tasks (and great fun will be had by all):

  1. Clearing of all brush and widening of trail beginning at the trailhead (KM 0 to 4.2)

  2. Installation of new boardwalk if required

  3. Repair of existing structures if required

  4. Repair of Stairs in Connector Trail (KM 1.2)

  5. Construction of additional/new stairs as required in the Connector Trail (KM 1.2)

Section 57 authorization has been granted for this project.

Maximum participants: unlimited!

I am aiming to put together the biggest trail army for this trip to date!

PS. This is a good trip for novices to learn about trail building and for new and old BCMC members alike!

If you are down to join the crew, get a little dirty, and put in a solid day's work that will make a huge difference, put your name down below.

Work like this helps make sure we keep these places as pristine as possible, while being able to handle the increasing number of people that are showing up.

This is the work that keeps these places what they are, for a long, long time.



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