You've probably seen them ripping through the streets and thought "damn, I wanna do that...", but then quickly thought "nope, I'm past my prime for that kind of thing. Count me out." But we both know that deep down, you still wanna learn..

This event is made possible by our rad friends at Landyachtz.

This event is made possible by our rad friends at Landyachtz.

That's why on May 27th, we're partnering up with our rad friends at Landyachtz Longboards and putting on the first ever CS Skate S'cool, where you can come out, put a board under your feet, test out what it's like to skate, and build the foundation so that you can rip the streets all summer long.

This, friends, is Skate S'cool and we're letting the good times roll.

Full disclosure: we are on a mission to build a Skate Gang of 250+ of us so we can all rip the seawall at the end of summer. If you want in on that, let's get you skating.

No previous experience required.
This Skate S'cool is open to anyone that has a hint they want to learn to skate.



What: Intro to skateboarding / longboarding with our friends at Landyacthz
Where: Meeting at Landyachtz Longboard Shop (1146 Union St, Vancouver)
When: Sunday, May 27 10AM to 12PM

If you're not sure you want to learn to skateboard and just want to test the waters, you can show up with no obligation to skate. Come out, share some snacks, hang with a bunch of new friends, and if you're feeling up for it, go for a quick skate!


Riley Harris dodging bombs. Captured by Ben Holysh.


Fresh off a world championship run in Tokyo, downhill ripper Riley Harris will be running us all through the basics of skateboarding, including how to stand on your board, how to keep your balance, how to push pump, and how to cruise into sunset looking like you've been doing this your whole life.

Julian DeSchutter ripping the Oregon Coast. Captured by Gordon Swenson.


Ripping since the ripe old age of 7 years old, Julian has spent more years on a skateboard than off. He'll be supporting Riley to keep the stoke high and the kids ripping.



Our friends from Landyachtz will be bringing out a huge fleet of their 2018 skate and longboards for all of us to rock, try out, and learn on, as well as some skate gloves for those that want to try them out.

What You Need To Bring:

  • Shoes suitable for skateboarding
  • A helmet (bike helmets will work no problem).
  • Snacks


  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Wrist guards
  • Pillow and duct tape to wrap yourself in.

PS. We are working on securing additional safety gear for those that don't have any and will email the crew if we can get our hands on it. Until then, please plan on bringing your own.

You can also pick some up at Flatspot Longboard Shop before we start skating!


We believe that the opportunity to learn things like this should be open to everyone, so we've kept this  event free to anyone who thinks they might want to learn how to skateboard (no experience required).

If you value events like these and are able to, leave a donation. It's the reason why we can create things like this.


E: I'm too old.
R: No such thing. Anyone that says they are "too old" is missing the point that this is about tapping back into the inner kid. We'll have people there ranging from 19 to 60+. Now let's get ripping.

E: I don't know what I'm doing.
R: That's the whole reason we are putting on Skate S'cool, duh! We'll walk you through the steps and you'll leave feeling comfortable on a board.

E: I don't want to look stupid.
R: No one can look stupid on a skateboard. Plus, you'll look stupider (yeah, we said it) if you don't do something you want to do deep down. We might not know, but you will, and that's the only person that matters.

E: I'm not going to be any good.
R: This isn't about being good. This is about having fun. When you're having fun, you end up becoming good. Plus, see above. That's the whole reason we are putting on the Skate S'cool.

E: I don't know anybody.
R: We'll create a space that anyone feels welcome to show up to. We promise.

E: If I try to skate I'm totally going to kill myself.
R: Don't worry. We'll be starting with the basics and supporting you all the way through it. We'll make sure you don't put yourself in spots you can't handle!