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In partnership with Canadian Outback Rafting Co.

In partnership with Canadian Outback Rafting Co.

In our backyard is one of the world's greatest playgrounds, but it's not very often you get to explore some of the most remote and wild parts of it – especially surrounded by 40+ friends, new and old.

On May 12 & 13, we're coming together, loading up the school busses and heading out with our friends at Canadian Outback Rafting Co. for a two-day rafting expedition through BC’s world-famous backcountry.

Straight down the Elaho and Squamish river valleys.

During the day, you'll be spending three-plus hours challenging some of North American's best known Class 3-4 rapids and exploring some of BC's most inspiring and untouched wilderness.

At night, you'll be hunkering down with 40+ friends on a remote river island, camping out, surrounded by views of the Tantalus Mountain Range and having fire-side RealTalks about the things that matter in life.

When you do weekends like this, you realize that you don't need to wait for vacation...

I went rafting last year, never tried it before and was trying to open my palette to new adventures. After getting on that raft and floating down that river I was hooked and decided I had to come back and share the experience with others.

Coming into CS expanded my world of experiences and people and I’m stoked to be able to share the experience with the community.
— A word from Chris Knapman



What: A two-day (overnight) rafting trip down the Elaho & Squamish rivers. You'll be camping on a river-side island somewhere on the Elaho/Squamish river.

When: May 12 (11AM) to May 13 (2PM)

Where: Squamish, BC.
Basecamp will be the Executive Suites Hotel & Resort (40900 Tantalus Rd.)

The Guides: This trip will be guided by the world-class guides of Canadian Outback Rafting. We'll be in good hands.



$360CAD + GST

Payment plans are available: $180 deposit up front, $180 deposit due on April 29th.


To make this easy, we've taken care of all of the major details. This is what you're getting:

  • Two days of rafting down the Elaho & Squamish rivers.
  • A riverside island campout in the middle of the Squamish River.
  • Fireside RealTalks with Chasing Sunrise and crew.
  • Instruction, training, and leadership from expert rafting guides.
  • All the rafting gear you'll need including wetsuits, booties, life jackets, and helmets.
  • Dry bags to keep all your clothes and personal items secure and dry.
  • Transportation from the rafting base at the Executive Suites Hotel & Resort in Squamish to and from the river.
  • A full river-side salmon or steak dinner, desserts, snacks.
  • A full breakfast, all prepared fresh and riverside by your guides.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages throughout the trip.

You will need to bring your own camping equipment.
If required, we will have gear available for rent for a nominal fee.



Day 1: Saturday, May 12

  • Meet up at the Canadian Outback basecamp in Squamish.
  • Get transported to the head of the Elaho River.
  • Raft through approximately 15 miles of British Columbia’s most inspiring wilderness including old growth forests, towering glaciers, and stunning waterfalls that cascade hundreds of feet toward the river.
  • Maneuver through wild Class 3-4 rapids, including the "Devil's Elbow".
  • Arrive at remote island wilderness camp.
  • Post-rafting snacks and decompression.
  • A full multi-course riverside dinner (veg. & vegan options available)
  • Post-dinner fireside RealTalks.

Day 2: Sunday, May 13

  • Wake up to the sound of the river, freshly brewed coffee, and a full riverside breakfast.
  • Catch sunrise on the island before packing up and heading out onto the water.
  • Raft down the waters of the Squamish River, exploring old growth forests, glaciers, dormant volcanoes, waterfalls, and a variety of wildlife.
  • Depending on water levels, you may have the chance to swim through rapids.
  • Arrive back at the Canadian Outback Basecamp for a post-raft unwind..



If you require transportation, we will be organizing rides in the event group chat and/or working out transport from Vancouver.
If you require camping gear, we will send a follow-up email about rental gear. 


Q: What's your refund policy?
A: 100% refund up to two weeks before departure (before April 27th).
50% refund within two weeks of departure (after April 27th).
No refunds within three days of departure (May 9th).

Good human policy – We know that life sometimes acts up and we don't want to take your money unless you're getting value. If you cannot attend, you can transfer your spot to someone else that you know would take it. We will help try and find someone to take the spot, but cannot guarantee we can find them and you will still be responsible for the ticket. If you're in a bind, reach out to discuss options.

Q: Where are we meeting?
A: We are starting and ending this trip at the Canadian Outback Rafting base, which is at the Executive Suites Hotel & Resort in Squamish.

Q: How hard is the trip? What skills do I need to participate?
A: The trip is open to all levels, from first-time beginners to frequent rafters. If you have a keen sense of adventure, can paddle through rapids sections, walk over rocky uneven ground, if your sore back is manageable, and if your doctor gives the go-ahead, then you likely have all the skills necessary to enjoy yourself. If you have any doubts, contact us to discuss any concerns.

Q: What will we be eating? What if I have dietary restrictions?
A: We set a high standard when it comes to meal planning and preparation to deliver a multi-course gourmet dinner after an exhilarating rafting journey and a scrumptious breakfast the next morning. If you have special dietary requirements or allergies, just let us know and we will make sure to plan accordingly.

Q: Where do we stay or sleep?
A: All our expeditions are camping adventures. On the Elaho-Squamish Expedition, camping gear is not provided. We suggest you bring a tent, sleeping mattress and sleeping bag. If you don’t have your own, we have camping gear available for rental based on availability.

Q: Will we see any wildlife? What about bears?
A: On the Elaho-Squamish Expedition wildlife sightings vary along with the time of year. Indigenous species in the area include black bear, eagle, deer, beaver, seal and more. Each expedition abides with wildlife and “bear aware” practices.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: When you reserve your seat, we'll send you a confirmation message which contains a detailed packing list. But in short, all you need to provide is your camping and personal gear, snacks and drinks depending on your personal preferences, and we provide the rest: river gear, safety gear, food and non-alcoholic beverages, kitchen and sanitation equipment.

Q: Can I bring alcohol?
A: Yes, in moderation. Alcohol is allowed for the evening portion of the trip. If bringing beer, please buy cans. If bringing hard alcohol or wine, please present any glass bottles to your guide to store safely for the rafting portion of the trip.

Q: What about insurance?
A: We recommend that you consider purchasing trip cancellation, medical and evacuation insurance, especially if travelling from outside of Canada.

Got more questions?