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In our backyard is one of the world's greatest playgrounds, but to keep it that way, it needs our help.

Garbage is becoming a huge problem littering our beaches and oceans around the world. It's a problem created by humans, but yet wildlife and the ecosystem pay the biggest price because of it.

As a community, we want to take care of and protect the spaces we play, and this Sunday, in conjunction with Let's Get Rafty, we're bringing the community together to step in and do our part to take care of the spaces we love so much.

In partnership with The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, we'll be tracking the amount of garbage we collect and tracking how much of an impact we can make as a group.

No, this won’t be glamorous, but it will be a hell of a good time and it’s something that we as a community stand for. Leaving this world better than we found it not only takes ideas and action  – it takes a little cleaning up some of what's gotten us to this stage.

PS. We'll be hitting up a brunch spot after the clean-up. Details on that TBD.


What: Beach clean-up at Sunset Beach / English Bay / Stanley Park
Where: Meeting at Sunset Beach and working our way through English Bay and Stanley Park.
When: Sunday, April 22. 9AM to 11PM, followed by a community conversation about sustainability and hitting up a brunch spot.


  • Dress for the weather. Should be a mix of rolling sun and clouds.
  • Gloves.
  • Garbage bags or buckets.
  • Rakes / shovels (60% - 70% of the plastic on a beach is buried).
  • Snacks & coffee


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