This is not an official Chasing Sunrise event.
There is no help or guidance provided by Chasing Sunrise Inc. on this trip.
You're totally cool getting to and from Grand Canyon on your own and sorting out all the details required to do so!

spirit quest

/ˈspirit/ /kwest/

an outlandish journey not for the faint of heart, to experience something many dream of, in a time frame unreasonable to most.



If you had a chance to glimpse the first Spirit Quest – aka our weekend roadtrip to Mexico for tacos – then you'll know it was one of the raddest (and most outrageous) trips we've ever done.

So rad, in fact, that we're doing it again.



This time, we're switching up destinations, and making to journey to the Grand Canyon to catch what we've been told repeatedly is one of the best sunrises on earth.

Yep, you read that right.

The Grand Canyon and back – in a weekend.

3 days.
50ish hours of driving.
A sh*t load of coffee.
One badass road trip you'll never wanna do again, but will definitely never forget.

This, friends, is what we call Spirit Quest.


PS. For a whole bunch of legal reasons, this isn't an official CS event.

Think of it more as an open roadtrip with a whole bunch of us all committing (loosely) to the same game plan.

We've detailed our whole plan below. Feel free to follow closely to it, creating a convoy the whole time or make your own and meet us down at the Grand Canyon Sunday morning.

All that matters is you make it there for 4:30AM on Sunday morning.


Take a read through our schedule and then if you're planning on driving down
Drop your name below and we'll keep you up to date with everything.



What: Spirit Quest – to the Grand Canyon for Sunrise and back in a weekend.
When: Friday, Aug 4th ~6PM to Monday, Aug 7th ~10PM.
Meet-Up Time: 8:15PM in Bellingham.


We've thrown our schedule below. We'll be sticking to it, so feel free to tag along, copy part of it, or just meet us down at the Grand Canyon for a badass sunrise.


6PM PST – Take-Off
Leaving from Vancouver
   Approx. drive time: 2 hours

8PM PST – First Stop-Over
Meeting in Bellingham, WA
Starbucks @ 1031 W Bakerview Rd, WA (Exit 258)
   1 Hr. stop-over to meet-up with everyone.

9PM PST – Take-Off
Leaving Bellingham for Boise, ID

Approx. drive time: 9 hours + 1 hour time difference
Slack time included: 0 hours


7AM MST – Second Stop-Over
Meeting in Boise, ID
Starbucks @ West 83709, 8275 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83709
   2 Hr. stop-over – enough time to get breakfast, buy snacks, etc.

9AM MST – Take-Off
Leaving Boise, ID for Salt Lake City, UT

Approx. drive time: 5 hours to next destination
Slack time included: 2 hours (used for adventures)


4PM MST – Third Stop-Over
Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT
Starbucks @ 224 W 600 S, Salt Lake City, Utah (Exit 306)
   2 Hr. stop-over (dinner, replenish everything, snacks)

5PM MST – Take-Off
Leaving Salt Lake City, UT for Grandview Point, Grand Canyon (destination)

Approx. DT: 8.5 hours to next destination
Slack time included: 3 hours (used for adventures)


Sunday, August 6th

4:30AM MST – Arrival
Meeting at Grandview Point, Grand Canyon, AZ
Location here.

5:30AM MST – Sunrise
Self explanatory.
Squad catches the raddest sunrise.

6:30AM MST – Explore For The Day
Explore one of the raddest places on earth.

4PM MST – Send Off
Squad packs up and heads home.
Our route details to head home will be determined the day of.

Monday, August 7th

8PM PST – Arrival
Make it back in one piece.

The end.

Disclaimer: We are not guides/mountain experts and this is NOT a guided adventure.
You are attending at your own risk and with your own prep and knowledge.
Do your own research, understand the route/conditions and make sure you are comfortable on your own, if needed.

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This isn't an official Chasing Sunrise event and there is no help or guidance provided by Chasing Sunrise Inc. on this trip. You're totally cool with and on your own to get to and from where ever you're at to the Grand Canyon! You're cool with everything that's required to do so and all the risks that entails!
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