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August 16th - Final balance due, full
October 28th - Day 1 in Kathmandu


World Expeditions has put together a detailed document with a ton of good information about the trip. It should be comprehensive and we can discuss in further detail at our meet-up.

The following is covered:

  • Documentation Requirements - info about passports, visa, permits, insurance

  • Trip Organization - some key details about the trip and your experience

  • Daily Routine - insight into the day-to-day of Chasing Everest including hiking and camp set-up

  • Money Matters - currency, spending money, and tipping

  • Country Info & Destination Facts - some key information about Nepal

  • Responsible Travel - high-level look at some initiatives behind your trip

  • Photography - high-level information about photography on the trip

  • Suggested Reference List - additional reading to learn about Nepal & Everest Base Camp

  • Health & Fitness - important health & fitness considerations for the trip

  • Packing, Clothing, & Equipment - what to pack, what's provided, etc.


Your trip will need to be paid in full by August 16th, 2018.

If you would like to, you are welcome to pay part or all of the balance ahead of time.

Simply email Julian ( to arrange.


To make sure we have all your proper information on the trip, there's a few things we need from you:

  • Passport Copy - a clear scanned copy or a photo.

  • Flight Details - full international itinerary, either a screenshot or photo.

  • Insurance Details - insurer, policy number, the worldwide contact number.

  • Signed Medical Form - filled out and signed by you (you can download it here).

  • Pre/Post Arrangement Information - if not with World Expeditions.

  • Completed Intake Form - see the full intake form below.

  • Please send all of this information over in a single email with the following subject line:
    "Chasing Everest - Required Trip Info - First Name Last Name"


To make sure you have the best experience possible, we got a few questions below.

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To get an idea about who is traveller how and when,, and to let us know who is on what flight, please fill out the "Your Flight Itinerary" below.

Alternatively, you can just forward me your flight itinerary that was emailed to you by your provider and I can upload the information to the sheet for you.

You can see other's flights here.

Name *
Please list the following information as similar to the example below: • Departure date • Flight number • Departure Time (for taking off from your city) or Arrival Time (for landing in Kathmandu) • The code of the airport you're flying out of. • The airports you're connecting through. Example: YVR to KTM Depart: WED OCT 24 – CZ330 - 13:10 - YVR Arrive: THURS OCT 25 - CZ3067 - 22:15 - KTM Connecting through: Guangzhou CAN
Please list the following information as similar to the example below: • Departure date • Flight number • Departure Time (for taking off from your city) or Arrival Time (for landing in Kathmandu) • The code of the airport you're flying out of. • The airports you're connecting through. Example: KTM to YVR Depart: THU NOV 15 – CZ6068 - 13:10 - KTM Arrive: FRI NOV 16 - CZ377 - 20:40 - YVR Connecting through: Guangzhou CAN


There are three ways to get your tourist visa for Nepal:

  1. Apply upon your arrival at Kathmandu’s international airport

  2. Apply in advance and pick-up upon your arrival at Kathmandu's International Airport (recommended)

  3. Apply at one of Nepal’s foreign consulates from abroad, in advance

We recommend Option 2 – applying in advance 15 days before your trip and picking up your visa upon arrival in Kathmandu.


You can apply for a tourist visa online within 15 days of your date of arrival in Nepal.

The submitted application will remain in the system for 15 days. After 15 days, the application will be deleted automatically from the system.

You’ll need the address of your hotel and a recent digital version of a passport-sized photo that you can upload to the application.

Once you’ve submitted the form, print out the confirmation receipt and show this to the Immigration officer upon arrival along with your passport and the proper amount to pay for your visa.

To apply online, click here:


Address of Radisson Kathmandu
House No.: 2269
Street Name: Lazimpat Road
Ward No.: 2
VDC/Municipality: Kathmandu
District: Kathmandu
Ph.: +977 1-4411818

You will apply for a “New Visa” with your appropriate dates.
Upload your photo.



There are four options for the length of a tourist visa:

  • 15 days – $25 USD

  • 30 days – $40 USD

  • 90 days – $100 USD

  • Multiple-entry – $20 USD (useful for going back-and-forth between Tibet & India)

You’ll find visa application forms in the arrivals’ hall, as well as electronic registration machines that read your passport, take your photo, and print out a completed form to submit to immigration.


  • One passport-sized photo with a light background;

  • Cash to pay the visa fee (USD is best)

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months.

Please note that the following nationalities cannot obtain a visa-on-arrival: AFG, IRQ, CMR, GHA, SOM, SWZ, PSE, ZWE, NGA, ETH, and LBR.


  • Fill out your disembarkation card on the plane so you can quickly move through the queue in the arrivals’ lounge.

  • It’s a good idea to bring 4-5 passport photos from home for your visa & trekking permit applications, and official documents;

  • Kathmandu's airport has bank counters where you can exchange currencies;

  • It also has a photo booth to create passport-sized photos, if you forgot to bring some;

  • Having a couple photocopies of your passport is always handy while traveling;

  • Bring extra USD cash and convert a small amount at the airport to pay for your taxi, where you can convert the rest at a better exchange rate.


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