This isn't about any one of us and it isn't about any one location.

This is about every single one of us, and every hectare that surrounds us:


Waking up.
Coming together.

United by our beliefs, our values and our willingness to make it count.

Last year, from coast to coast, thousands of us met at the tops of mountains at 5AM across the country to show Canada what we're all about.

This year, we're taking that spirit and calling on people everywhere to get out for sunrise and celebrate Canada's 151+ wherever they are, wherever they can and to share it with us all.

It might be a mountain top. It might be lakeside or on the ocean. It might be on your front porch or the local park.

Grab your friends, your family, wake up damn early, grab coffee and got outside wherever you can to take in sunrise.   

From coast-to-coast we're calling on Canadians to get up and get after it – Chasing Sunrise all across the country.

And we want to see where you chase it.

We're giving away prizes and will be sharing the best posts in our feed all day.

We're giving away a bunch of prizes for some of the best IG stories and social posts out there:

  • The best mountain sunrise sessions
  • Ocean or lake sunrise sessions
  • City or rooftop sessions.
  • Family squad edition (can be anywhere your kids, parents, grandparents can catch sunrise together)
  • Best anthems (best could also be the worst ;) Send it!!)
  • Best non-sunrise anthems (it's about the chase, not just the sunrise.)
  • Leave No Trace: for the best clean-ups - we'll also mail a set of PBAD cards to anyone who posts a story of themselves picking up and taking garbage out of the spaces they go into.  

All you gotta do is show us how stoked you are, and tag @chasingsunrise.
Bonus points for tagging @mec and #goodtimesoutside


1. Respect the places: spread out to different locations, leave no trace, be prepared, and do your research. 

2. Safety is number one: know the area, the route and the dangers, have the proper gear (10 essentials etc.) 
if you need anything hit up our friends at Mountain Equipment Co-op to get or rent what you need

3. Inclusiveness: Bring people with you. Take care of those around you. Respect the people that came before you. And leave places better for those who'll come after.


1. Pick a rad location to catch sunrise. Get creative and just commit - field, mountain top or rooftop, lake or ocean, park, front porch, or any other place you got in mind.

2. Rally a bunch of friends or family to come out with you. We're all in this together!

3. Wake up, catch sunrise and bring in Canada Day with the loudest O'Canada this country has heard. You'll be doing this with thousands across the country!


We all wanna see, feel and hear it from your POV: from coast to coast and all around this country.

To get your photos and video included in our stream upload them to Facebook or Instagram and tag @ChasingSunrise
(bonus points for also tagging @mec and #goodtimesoutside)

We'll be rewarding and featuring the raddest posts, coast to coast.


While we can't build Facebook Groups for the cities we aren't in, you can.

Feel free to create a Facebook Group calling it Chasing Sunrise x Canada 150+ CITY NAME [unofficial].

Then, invite us to it, so we can share it with people in the area we know!


Find the CS x FB your city below and get out with some friends!

Don't see your city? Click here.









What’s the “+”?

The plus stands to acknowledge the Indigenous peoples who have been here long before Canada was, well, Canada. It represents our understanding that there is a history to the land we are on – a history that predates colonization.

It is our commitment to look into the future with a hope that all communities, Nations, and peoples will walk together as a stronger society than ever before.

Think of it as a mark of what we hope to achieve going forward – a community that not only looks towards a bright future, but does so while recognizing the past that brought us to where we are today.


Some topics around this event we want to openly address.

We know there are topics around nature, safety, and Indigenous land & people that are impacted by the events we put on and that impact can go beyond more than just those who are directly involved.

While we know we don't have all the answers to them, we are an organization that is willing to stand and have constructive conversations on how we best go about solving them.

We have laid out our thoughts on many of them and are open to having a conversation with anybody that has a stake in them.

You can our thoughts below and we look forward to having a conversation about them.

Don't see your city?

Two options: 
1. Get out there and send it anyway.
2. If you want more of this stuff where you live, create a FB group for your city and we'll help support you:  
"Chasing Sunrise x YourCity [Unofficial]"

You can also hit us up here anytime.