From coast-to-coast we are rallying Canadians to get up and get after it – getting outside and into nature before most have even rolled out of bed.

With events in 12 cities across the country, and a decentralized call for all Canadians from St. John's to Victoria to get out there, we are using our reach to unify people all across the nation. We are coming together to celebrate our freedom, share in what we’ve been given, and spread the message of unity and values across the country.

We'd love to have Grouse Mountain be the host of our flagship event in Vancouver.

What's in it for you?

Exposure: Centralized + Decentralized – We're working hard to create the most-shared and viewed content on Canada Day. Out of all 12 events, Vancouver is going to be the capstone. We're expecting the largest turnout and will have the largest social and digital focus on this city.

Centrally we are creating a professionally cut video with clips from all locations and releasing to media and the internet by 9-10am. Vancouver will be the climax and centripetal force. 

This experience is inherently sharable for everyone: uniqueness, unified message and purpose, beautiful content. Posting on all platforms with location tagging will be taking place by participants. If we do this right, it will make national and international news, and the assets will garner national and international impressions. 

Customers: Mobilizing of large number of people into your space, there is the opportunity to draw revenue from upload tickets, download tickets and If you open your restaurant for breakfast, it will be packed.

Branding: As a thank you to you, for helping us bring this city together, we are also happy to include you in branding for the centrally cut video alongside just ourselves and MEC. We will also include your branding on the Vancouver-wide email campaign and the signup pages.

What's in it for us?

Access & Scope – Access to one of the greatest locations in our city (if not our country), to put on our flagship event and unify the entire city. We have been inherently limited in numbers with Mount Seymour and what we can ethically, safely take into the back country. Last year we sent the email out with less than 2 days notice to reduce numbers. Our vision is for this to create a national movement, becoming a country willing to do what it takes to make every year, month, week day and moment count. Working with you will help us create a national centerpiece for the potential of this event every year. Then we help every other location in the country chase what we do together here.

What's in it for both of us?

We will change lives with this. This is not a normal activity, it is something people will never forget.

And going forward, let's continue to work together. To create something that not only shows Canadians everywhere what we are capable of, but something that inspires the world with its purpose, visuals and reach.

We would like to build a long term, relationship. Where some of our events together are high impact value, some are mid impact but all of them are focused on furthering both of our brands and on building a loyal community. 


For the most part, we've got this event laid out. To make it successful, there are couple things we'd need from you:

  • Your Blessing / Working On Logistics – Work with us to make this event something that Canada has never seen before (and that makes news all around the world).
  • Grouse Grind / BCMC Access – We know this has to come from Metro Vancouver, but would love your help in getting them on board.
  • Skyride Access – This isn't a necessity, but would be huge. We think it would be a awesome to enable people to come up who aren't capable of hiking the Grind. This helps make the event accessible for anybody and will help drive numbers up top! If you could provide a solid "group discount" for this event, to make sure it is accessible for everyone, that would be incredible.
  • Space Up Top – While we have a summit plan, we'd work with you to secure a space up top that fits the vibes perfect.
  • Download Ticket - Volume discount here would be amazing as well.
  • Let's Team Up - If there are any areas below that you can help with to make the experience better, or amplify the media efforts say the word and let's do it.


We already have a number of pieces in place, and have laid out a high-level summary below.

Pre-Event Plans:

Marketing & Media

  • Marketing – We will launch using both our Vancouver community and MEC's community. This has a combined reach of 20K+ people in Vancouver. We will use these channels and an organic call to share to reach our intended audience.
  • Media – We have a strategy in place to reach out to and follow-up with all media contacts that covered last year's story, as well as specific city plans to reach media across the country. Our goal is to get this out as the first story on Canada Day and have it lead the media circus going into the day.

Digital Assets

  • Photographers & Videographers – We already have a team of talented photographers and videographers in place to capture the morning and create content that we can spread across the country. Our goal is to do a release of the content the morning of, that evening, and then throughout the week.

Registration & Ticketing Systems

  • Registration – We already have landing pages, registration process, and ticketing systems in place to handle as many sign-ups as we need. The only thing we'd need to do is tweak the copy to include Grouse in the experience. 

What we'd need from you before:

  • On-Site Logistics – We'd need to work with your team to scope out the logistics of the parking lot, the Grouse Grind, the BCMC, and the space up top.

The Morning Of:


1:00AM – Core CS team arrives at Grouse Mountain parking lot to get set-up.
1:30AM – Volunteers arrive and are prepped and put in position.
2:15AM – People start arriving at the base of Grouse Mountain and get checked in.
2:45AM – Opening speech and pump people up.
3:00AM – Take off from the lot.
3:45AM – First summits up top.
4:30AM – Average summit up top.
5:00AM – Last summits up top.
5:15AM – Sunrise on the Peak of Vancouver
5:30AM – Whole squad sings O'Canada
6:00AM – Group photos, individual photos, etc. 
8:00AM – Official ending of event, people are free to stay or can head back down.


  • On the day of, we'll be pushing this out through all our channels in real-time including:
    • Live videos on the Chasing Sunrise and MEC accounts.
    • A call to all participants to go live on Instagram, tag, and spread the vibes.
    • Posts to all social channels.
  • We can include a unified call to all guests to mention and include Grouse Mountain in their social activity.


  • We will have over 30 registered volunteers assigned to handle the morning-of logistics, trail processes, and up-top experience.


  • We currently have over 15 volunteers with first aid certifications that will be strategically places throughout the group, helping to keep the group safe.
  • We will work with you to create a Grouse-specific safety plan for the parking lot, hike, and up-top experience.

Guest Management & Ticketing System

  • We have a waiver and registration system in place, ensuring everyone who touches the trail has signed up and been briefed on what to expect. This allows us to communicate with everyone what is going on, what to expect, the procedures of the morning, and the vibes which we expect everyone to bring.


  • We are acquiring $2,000,000 in insurance for this event.

Education / Messaging / Vibe

  • A major goal of all Chasing Sunrise events is to educate our audience through our messaging about nature, safety, and social vibes. We move the onus from being on a few individuals to make an experience good to one that is weaved throughout the entire community.
  • From the copy on the sign-up page to every email that goes out, and the morning-of prep speeches, we push a single unified message. We believe that it's every single person's responsibility to:
    • Follow simple rules to take care of the space, leave no trace, stay on trail, and clean up after each other;
    • Look out for and take care of themselves and everyone else;
    • Speak up when things are. We expect and give everyone full license to speak up if they see something happening that is not OK (ie. someone going off trail, dropping garbage, etc). Social accountability is the #1 behavioural management tool. 

Trail Management

  • Volunteers – We would work with our volunteer team to intersperse people through out both the trail up there, as well as at the top to make sure that everything flows smoothly.
  • Multiple Routes To The Top – Given the right permissions, we could lead a group up both the Grouse Grind and the BCMC. This would lower the traffic on any single trail and give people two difficulty options.

The Up Top Experience

Up top things are simple. Our mission has been to remove the barriers for people earn an experience that is seemingly outrageous, but incredibly simple and speaks for itself. Getting back to what matters in life.

No ribbons on the roof. The only additions we bring are hard-earned comforts like coffee and pie. Or acoustic music. People just need a space to connect and a great view of sunrise to share together.   

Post Event:

Guest Follow-Up

  • We touch base with every one who attends our events. There is an opportunity here to poll participants and or even give them a discount code for annual passes etc.

Post-Event Marketing

  • We will be hitting social starting early that morning and pumping up, promoting, interacting with media from around the country. We will also be working to share and promote the centrally cut video that we drop. 


  • We will have a co-ordinated outreach strategy to hit media as well as a command centre where all efforts are focused on amplifying the efforts put in.


Let's do something that this city, and the rest of the country, will never forget.