You've created something that people have been yearning for for a long time.
You made the conscious community cool and have given people fuel for life.

Our mission is similar: 
We work to give people their fire for life back, in unorthodox ways and steeped in community.

Together, we believe a collab would be fireworks.


Let's Do It Justice


When the alignment is good, we want to bring the absolute best we have to the relationship. And our favourite space to work is in the white-space: to dream up an ideal impact and then work together to bring that to life. 

How We Operate

We believe that everyone wants to live and feel truly alive. It's our goal to bring that feeling, sustainably, to as many people as possible.

We leverage our core community and then work to remove all barriers for anyone who may be sitting on the fence, wanting in, but feeling like they might not belong. They are left with no excuse not to have the type of experiences they have been craving.

All they have to do is say yes.

Combine that with the high level of trust we work hard to maintain, and it's one of the reasons why we've been able to build the community that we have, and extend our community's trust to the brands we work with.  

We Have Some Dreams

Let's Do Something Big  

Our entire community meets yours, on a mountain, at sunrise.

Together it will draw people who've been interested but sitting on the fence.

The plan is to execute this event a week or two leading up to Wanderlust. Anyone who holds a Wanderlust ticket gets an invite, our entire community gets an invite, anyone on the sidelines gets pulled in, and we thread our two experiences and communities together.

People walk away with an unforgettable experience, a feeling of being a part of something much bigger, new best friends and a compelling reason to get in on Wanderlust.

This has big potential – part authentic publicity stunt, part mass mobilization, and part quality content source for continued impact.  



Let's Do Something Steady

We want to offer the experience each morning so that participants have access to it when it's right for them

We will lead them into the unknown, in the dark, and through he fire together.

Reaching the summit in time for sunrise, we will be threading things like live acoustic music and morning meditations into this experience, leaving everyone walking away with a peak experience on their Wanderlust journey.


20160701 - Ivan Calderon-13.jpg


Let's Do Something Intimate

Shared experiences and real connection is what make a life worth living.  

This will be a Chasing Sunrise experience for the talent at Wanderlust and any core people who make the event come to life. We want to bring them all together around an experience that can transcend skills, disciplines, talents and even physical abilities. 

We want to curate an experience that brings them all together around why they are pursuing their True North and why they are called to share that it.

A custom Chasing Sunrise (or Chasing Sunset) experience followed by a long table breakfast (or dinner).



Let's Leave With Something to Think About

We believe that experiences trump almost anything as far as changing thought patterns and behaviour.

When people wake up, or have a profound experience, they are often at a loss for words. 

But having a framework to understand and process what happened to us, is just as important, because it keeps that shift alive and makes it easy to share: spreading the shift  

We would be honoured to speak. To share our shared beliefs, get people thinking, and give them something to transcend the event.  


20160701 - Ivan Calderon-13.jpg

Chasing Sunrise Events 

Pretty pictures are good, but in a "look at me world" we've figured out what's even more impactful – experiencing it for yourself. 

Our formula is simple: create experiences that people want and remove the barriers to get people to them. The energy this creates and the content that comes from it motivates people to share socially and has lead to our rapid growth.

Check out a few of the events we've done:


Chasing Sunrise started with a simple premise – wake up early and get more out of life.

It turns out we weren't alone.

What began with 3 of us hiking to the top of the mountain for sunrise just over a year ago has turned into a movement, rapidly growing to hundreds showing up each time, in cities across the country, in the US, and culminating with 800 people (on only 48 hours notice) singing O'Canada on July 1st, 2016 (video below)

We run these at no cost to our community, and we have also run them for brands: which has included rallying 100+ people in a foreign country, as the capstone event to Ultimate Ears 10,000 mile roll.

From there we set out to prove that it wasn't the mountains or the scenery drawing people in, but the desire to experience unforgettable events. We distilled the principles that made our chases unique, viral, and impactful and designed one-of-a-kind experiences around them.


Chasecamp was created for MEC and BC Parks with the goal of getting people back out into nature.

We'll admit, we weren't quite sure how the concept of taking 50 strangers, putting them on a bus, and sending them into an undisclosed location for a weekend would go – but after nearly 2,000 applications in just 8 days, we got our answer.

The event turned out to be something that was not only unforgettable and powerfully emotional for the 50 people we brought together, but also something that was widely talked about on social for months after the event, leading to media coverage and spin-off events.

For MEC and BC Parks, Chasecamp worked because it created space for that engagement to happen - a concentrated event with alignment between partners, participants and the Chasing Sunrise brand. No BS, no sales pitches - just a real and genuine experience where people made true friends, engaged with our partners in real ways, and re-engaged with themselves.

And while you can do a lot with 36 hours, we know the real impact comes weeks, months and years after #Chasecamp. More than just 36 hours into the unknown, the adventure glued together 50 strangers who still hang out and get into nature to this day. It also created loyal customers of both MEC and BC Parks.

Chasecamp 2016 was so successful we are not only repeating it bigger and better in Vancouver (May 2017), but expanding it across Canada in 2017.

Check the stats and details of what went down on our Chasecamp 2016 recap page (pw: makeitcount).

3. HUT TRIP ["OPERATION-X"] - July 2016

Following the success of Chasecamp, we followed up with Hut Trip.

While Chasecamp showed that by focusing on substance over hype, seemingly simple events can become incredibly powerful, we worked with Jansport and Granville Island Brewing to prove a different point – that you don't have to go far for world class adventure.

For Hut Trip, we received 3,000+ applications in just 5 days, and distilled it down to 20 strangers, flying them into the remote and unfamiliar setting of Lake Lovely Water, no further than 20 minutes outside of Vancouver.

A full run down of Hut Trip 2016 can be found here (password: makeitcount).

Let's create things that matter.