Disclaimer: we are not mountain guides or mountain experts. Before you come, do your own research, understand the route, have the right gear, and make sure you are comfortable getting up and down on your own.


Keyhole Ghost-Trip

If we didn't post about it, did it actually happen?

We're about to find out.

Keyhole has been "closed" for a while due Instagram popularity, some ferocious bears, and an influx of people leaving food and garbage around. All that said, it's still open and accessible and we are heading there, not only not leaving a trace, but leaving it better than we found it.

We're keeping this one super quiet, keeping it to a tight knit group of rad humans and having no social posts about it before, during, or immediately after.

This is about doing things for the sake of doing them.

You in?




When: Sunday, Feb 3rd, 2017

Time: Park Royal McDonalds for 5:00AM. Taking off from the lot at 5:15AM sharp.

Where: Meeting at the McDonalds (Park Royal, 808 Marine Dr, West Vancouver). 

Trail: The Keyhole trailhead is 70KM past Pemberton. It is a 2KM / 30 min hike into the hotsprings. You can check out some details here

Emergency Contact/Questions: If you have trouble finding the spot, any questions or cannot make it last minute, contact Gordon at 778-772-5426 or Julian at 604-307-7816!


  • Intermediate difficulty, 4km round trip.
  • No cellphone service
  • You will be entering the backcountry. It is full on winter back there.
  • Do your research, know the route, know what to expect, and come prepared. This is NOT a guided hike.
  • Assess your own ability, know the route, the conditions and make sure you are adequately prepared with the proper gear.


  • Snow gear adequate for winter conditions and backcountry terrain. 
  • Proper safety gear for South Coast backcountry.
  • Snow boots & shoes adequate for winter conditions. That means no Nikes.
  • A headlamp/flashlight.
  • Proper food and hydration for a day hike.

    Don't have gear? Head over to the closest Mountain Equipment Co-op and pick it up!


  • Food, snacks and coffee to enjoy and share.
  • Emergency blankets & whistles.
  • Swim suits or birthday suits.
  • Dress very warm, but in layers. We recommend bringing more than you think is necessary/taking it off as needed.
  • A shell to block out the wind.
  • Whatever else you deem necessary to hike in and out from Keyhole hotsprings in the snow.


This community has been built on the strong values of respect, care, and responsibility for people and the areas we interact with. Ignorant, disrespectful, or damaging behaviour isn’t tolerated.

We’re all in this one together, so please, don't be that person. We have some simple rules we live by up there:


  • Stay on the trail.
  • Leave no garbage and pick-up anything you see that shouldn’t be there.
  • Care for the wild as if it was your own – because it is.


  • We are stepping into the wilderness, so getting everyone up and down safely is priority one / the responsibility of everyone.
  • Understand where you are going, what you are doing, what the trail conditions are like, and who you are going with. Make sure you are adequately prepared for all of it.
  • Give people space up there, stay away from cliff edges, and don't go near the edge of snowbanks - they collapse.
  • If you have questions, ask. If you see something that’s not quite right or feel unsafe at anytime, let the people around you know ASAP.
  • Don’t do anything that puts you or other people at risk and if you have to question it, you probably shouldn't do it.


  • Act with respect and courtesy for all those around you.
  • Bring good vibes only.
  • Be responsible for your actions. Know the impact they have on others and be a damn good human.
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