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Building on the success of Chasing Tahoe and the 10,000 Mile Roll, we believe know there is an opportunity to bring people unreal experiences that introduce them to the UE brand and show them what you are all about.

For the last 3 years, UE BOOMs have amplified every adventure we've been on. From 5,000km road trips to taking 500 people to the a summit for sunrise, they’ve been by our side, hanging from our backpacks or lying on the front dash, making every single moment better.

We believe few things would be a better use of our mutual energy and resources than to take the events and experiences that Chasing Sunrise creates and amplify them with UE to mobilize massive amounts of people – giving them experiences worth sharing and a real-world understanding of what you are all about.

The Concepts

Everyone was so friendly and fun at the peak! Wild and crazy!!! We had music playing! Some dressed in crazy outfits! The whole experience of reaching the top and seeing the day begin drew a vibe that cannot be described in words. You would have had to experience it to understand.
On the way down, members of the crew broke out in a dance with other hikers joining that put a smile on my face that I still wear just thinking about it.
- April Springer, Chasing Tahoe

Modelling off of the success of Tahoe and the 10K Mile Roll campaign, we envision running large, hyped chases in cities that both UE & CS want to spread the word in.

Each chase could be followed by The Ultimate Day in that city – bringing together Instagram influencers and potential customers and showing them a rad, full day experience and how UE can amplify their life.

Using the power of social, we’d play one event off the next, making it bigger and better each time – growing both online and offline reach as we go.

What this looks like:

Picture this – hundreds of people hiking up a mountain in the dark, a racing against time as sunrise approaches. All of them moving to the same beat, softly being played over the UE BOOM 2s.

Finding the best place in a city to chase sunrise in the morning and spending the afternoon living the best day that city can offer up – bringing along as many people as we can and showing them what we are all about.

Impact for UE:

Each event gives us an opportunity to show what X Up is all about in a real-world setting, to hundreds of people in the midst of an unreal experience. These events bring together people who live a lifestyle that aligns with UE and gives them an opportunity to experience how your products can amplify their life – specifically in large group settings. It's showing people how to use X Up, the way the X Up was designed to be used.

See, it's one thing to promote your product to people, but it’s another thing to give them unforgettable experiences that your products fit into and let them experience what they are all about for themselves. The Ultimate Summer Tour would do just that. It’s an opportunity to transform the way people experience music, together, out in the world. It's an opportunity to show people just how good the UE BOOM 2s can be.

Why it will work:

Everybody wants to do cool sh*t but most struggle to actually get out and do it. We’ll provide them with the opportunity to live those experiences and link those feelings back to the UE brand. We did this in Tahoe and we’d love to do it again getting bigger and better each time.

Links to check out:

Kevin Hart’s #HustleHart – In each city that Kevin Hart hits for his 2015 Let Me Explain Tour, he invites his fans to out and run 5K with him. What started off with a few dozen people has blown up to crowds of thousands each time, with Nike eventually joining in on the fun.
He consistently draws crowds.
It got so big, Nike wanted a piece!
Over 2,000 showed in Chicago.

Chasing Sunrise - Canada Day

Chasing Tahoe

Fuelled by gravity and music from the UE BOOM 2s, Summit To Sea follows activities from the top of the summit down to the sea, chronicling the journey along the way.

What this looks like:

Summit To Sea starts with getting to the top of Haleakala for sunrise and making our way from summit to sea through various activities that fit a lifestyle UE is going after. The day is capped off with a rad beach party.

A narrative will be built around the event, showing the UE BOOM 2s being used throughout the day to power each activity and then show all of them coming together to power the beach party at night. The event provides an unreal experience for all those there and amazing content to use online.

Impact for UE:

Summit To Sea is about showing what the UE BOOM 2S can do and putting on a rad event that the offline and online worlds won't forget. It's about showcasing the UE BOOM 2s 15 hour battery life, it's waterproof, mud-proof and life-proof durability and now it's ability to X Up and put on one hell of a party – all while creating unreal content for your online world. The event creates an opportunity to tell the perfect story of the UE BOOM 2 and show what its features mean in the real world. It's an opportunity to get people stoked on how it can amplify their life.

Why it will work:

People love events like this and beg to live the lifestyle behind it. Whether it’s consuming it in person or catching it online after the fact, Summit To Sea creates a strong opportunity for people to engage. Summit To Sea also provides an opportunity to show what a UE BOOM 2 is all about and how it can amplify experiences people already love.

Links to check out:

Rad Girls Life – a potential concept for a video we could do showing all the different activities and tell the story of those people coming together at the end of it.

“Mystery Mornings” take a select group of people on one of the best mornings of their life, doing the rad stuff we always want to do in a way that only CS and UE can deliver. The participants have no idea what’s in store and will experience 2 to 4 unforgettable events that are specific to the city they are in.

We want to show them how rad life can be in their own backyard and how UE can fit right into it.

What this looks like:

The night before you get a meeting time, a location, and a packing list – the rest of it though, you’re in the dark for. You show up early in the morning and experience one of the best mornings of your life – all of it being revealed as you go. The morning consists of activities that put you just outside your comfort zone, leaving you wanting more and never forgetting who brought you there.

Impact for UE:

"UE speakers are designed for you and your friends, wherever life takes you." Mystery Mornings provide us the opportunity to prove that, creating unreal unforgettable experiences that take people to unfamiliar places and show them what the UE BOOM 2 is all about. Events can be designed around the features of the UE BOOM 2, whether it be showing it's battery life, it's durability or it's ability to X Up and turn any moment into a party. The concept of Mystery Mornings also gives us something exclusive and mysterious to talk about online, creating buzz long before we begin.

Why it will work:

Coors Light proved the power of a similar concept with their Coors Light Mystery Mansions (see links below) that’s been running for 8 years strong. We think there is an awesome opportunity to play on a similar track, but with an experience that fits into the CS and UE lifestyles.

There are powerful psychological forces at play to drive excitement and conversation with the exclusivity, urgency and uncertainty of this series. We can also run various campaigns to get people to win their way in via social that would create hype even for those that don’t get in.

Links to check out:

Coors Light Mystery Mansion Back Again
Coors Light Mystery Mansion Returns for a Third Season

Additional Social Campaigns:

Adventures of the BOOM

This is a social media story of a single UE BOOM 2 and the experiences and stories it collects throughout its adventure doing the campaigns above. The campaign would tell the stories of the adventures and show how UE products can fit into almost any aspect of life, as well as show how each of the features amplifies life.

UE Guerrilla Marketing

As an add on to the events we run in each city, there’s an opportunity to run some awesome guerrilla marketing campaigns that showcase the lifestyle UE fits into, and shows the product in a real world setting. Some potential ideas include:

  • Flash Mob –  a decentralized dance party at a chosen location, all powered by UE and the X-Up feature.
  • Find the BOOM – a scavenger hunt throughout a city to find UE BOOM 2s placed all around – powered through social media.
  • Amazing Race – race through a city, everyone gets a UE BOOM 2 and winner gets something even more rad. All the BOOM 2s get synced up at the end of the race to power the post-race party.
  • Break a world record – the biggest sunrise dance party?

So, what would each party bring to the table?

CS Roles & Responsibilities

planning, execution, capture 

  • Event experience design
  • Creative management: influencers, asset creation, storyboarding
  • Operations and logistics: legal, permissions, waivers, travel, event plans
  • Project management: scheduling, weather, adaptation as needed, execution
  • Event hosts and on-ground support:
    • Hosts - pump up, cultivate the experience
    • Support - local knowledge and vibe, safety


UE Roles & Responsibilities

strategic, promotion, financial, networks, love

  • Influencer identification and on-boarding
  • Creative management: influencers, asset creation, storyboarding
  • Marketing & social media boosting
  • Financial
  • Partner introduction
  • Strategic and game-time decisions


Asset Creation

buildup + video / still / instant / drone looping back to buildup

  • Capture local essence of the event, for city ownership and increased social sharing
  • Live posts throughout the day (Periscope, Snapchat, Insta, FB, etc)
  • Footage to capture vibes, scope and scale
  • Images of products, people & places that are high-quality and worth sharing


Engagement Plans

build movements utilizing social, influencers, partnerships

  • Socially designed campaigns & challenges to convince people to come in droves and bring their friends.
    • Get people talking about it long before we get there.
    • Utilize previous events to catalyze sign-ups / breed FOMO
  • Sign-up page via FB event to boost through comments / shares
    • Certain activities will be open to as many people, others will be limited
  • Contests (win your way into a Mystery Morning using a hashtag, photo etc)
    • Purchase for entries (UE BOOM 2/UE ROLL gets you X entries, CS tanks gets you X entries)
    • Air France-esque - show up packed and ready to go
  •  Influencers: always have 2-4+ social influencers attend for each city
    • Attendance confirmed in advance to assist with hype and reach
  • Local partnerships to add reach, credibility and perceived/tangible value

Now let's go make it count!