"Thank you so much for taking our team on one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had."

- Kit and Ace


This isn't your average team building experience, and that's the point.

People don't want another gimmicky retreat, only to be rushed back to the office and forget what they did hours later. They want real and memorable experiences, and we'll work with you to give them just that.

Rising hours before dawn, we'll take you and your team out of your comfort zones, guiding you up a mountain in the middle of the night, summiting just in time for sunrise.

From the challenge of getting up hours before dawn, to the teamwork and camaraderie that goes into getting to the top, the glory of sitting beside your teammates as you watch one of the most surreal shows on earth is an experience you will not forget.

Oh yah, and we can even have you back in the office by 9AM. How's that for productivity?

Why Chasing Sunrise:

Chasing Sunrise is a transformative experience that brings your team together, re-aligning them with what matters.

There is just something about breaking our every day typical habits and choosing to wake up hours before normal to accomplish a feat that most think is out of their grasp. It's an experience that re-energizes people, shaking them from their normal routines.

At every chase, we see people come back feeling alive and refreshed, and with a greater sense of clarity, ambition, and focus for work and life.

How's this for a "team outing"?

How's this for a "team outing"?

"That morning, staring into the sun.. with so many positive people around me. It literally changed my life."

- Brittney Q.

What's all included?

The core Chasing Sunrise experience.

  • Logistics: organizing event mapping, route planning, weather plans, and event timeline.
  • Pre-Event Engagement: helping you get your people pumped up and engaged prior to the event. This is done through custom web pages, emails, and if appropriate, a private Facebook group.
  • Sign-up & Info Pages: creating custom sign-up, info pages, and FAQs, making sure your entire team knows what to expect.
  • The Chase: a team of 3 guides (minimum) will safely lead your team back up and down the mountain.
  • Up Top Experience: working with your team leaders to design a mountain-top experience that your team will not forget. Oh, and hard-earned, mountain-top coffee, pie, and fresh fruit are on us!
  • Photography: creating a shot list, 2 photographers, and 50 edited digital photographs that capture your team and the experience.
  • Post-Event Engagement: the event doesn't stop at the parking lot. Post-event engagement emails, a hosted photo gallery, and custom blog post that your team can share to friends and family.

What the investment:

  • The core Chasing Sunrise experience is an investment of $2,500.


There are additional items that can be added on and include:

  • Video Footage:  If a picture can worth 1,000 words, then a video of your Chasing Sunrise experience is priceless.
  • Drone Footage: It's one thing to see it from the ground, but a whole other to get a birds eye view.
  • Transportation: Want your whole team headed there and back together? We can arrange transportation both ways.
  • Post-Chase Organization: The event doesn't have to stop when we get back to the parking lot. We can help you arrange a post-chase cook out  in the parking lot or book out a quaint, private patio in Deep Cove to connect, relax and revel in what was just accomplished.

And when we do it right...