“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us.”
— Steven Pressfield

We started Chasing Sunrise with one simple intention: to chase after that thing inside that we know we must bring to the world.

To answer the question "what dreams will we not let die inside us?"


Over the next week, we're challenging you to wake up an hour early, at least once, to spend time focusing on a single thing you know you must bring to the world – that thing that matters most.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you're down, sign the pledge below.

Oh, and we'll have some cool giveaways for those that really make it count – so let's see what you got.


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I commit to waking up an hour early at least once this week to focus on what I want to bring to the world.


Damn Early Days is about breaking that routine, getting out of your comfort zone, and getting back to what we want in life – starting with a few hours each morning.

For 21 days, you, and hundreds of others commit to getting up at 4:30AM to focus on what on what matters to you.

If you're looking for some space and focus in your life, you can learn more about Damn Early Days below.