This Is Canada: 

Words can't express the overwhelming feelings pouring out from us and our community this morning. We couldn't be more proud to be a community that, regardless of background, age or status, encourages people to get out of their comfort zone and try something unconventional. To push themselves to truly live life.

It was our first chase of the summer..and we knew people were excited to come out - to be honest we were worried.

We crossed our T's dotted our I's, spoke with potential stakeholders, and tried to keep numbers low and controlled. But Damn! When it all came together, to see 800 smiles and headlamps light up the parking lot of Mt. Seymour at 2:30 AM, for everyone to be safe, for everyone to leave that mountain cleaner than they found it, leaving only with a morning they will never forget,  was incredible.

This also doesn't count the amazing people who Chased Sunrise and sang O'Canada in Calgary, Toronto & Montreal as well!

We have more great photos and video content being processed that will keep the love alive and the buzz growing rapidly for the next week.

Some highlights so far: 

  • A viral Facebook Live video that is at 19,000 views already, apx. 205 shares, 850 likes, 95 comments
  • We were made the the #1 snap on the Official Canada Day Snapchat - Our enormous mountain top O'Canada has been slotted in
  • We had ~800 individuals directly check-in with us this morning, hike a mountain in the dark and sign O'Canada together with the Sunrise 

Picture This:

Your alarm goes off at 12:45am. You hear people coming home from the bar outside your window. You get out of bed, grab your headlamp and hiking shoes and meet your friends downstairs to carpool to a mountain. In the pitch black.

Grab a coffee at Tim Horton's on your way to the 2:30AM meet-up time – an hour that seems insane to most. But for the 800 strangers willing to endure it together, it was a morning they won't soon forget. Flick on your headlamps at the same time, and go!

While the city slept, hundreds stood on top of the world, overlooking the country and land that lay before them – all anticipating sunrise after an hour and half long hike through the cold, dark wilderness of Mount Seymour.

Energy, anticipation, and excitement buzzing around them.

Then from the back, as the sun begins to rise a voice from the back yells out the words "O' Canada...".

Within seconds, the words are echoed by everyone around, all joining in to kick Canada Day off bigger and better than ever.

Their passion, pride, and appreciation for what this country has given them travelling down from the mountains across the Vancouver landscape...

This was a Canada Day that this country will never, ever forget!

Words will hardly do justice. Maybe these pictures will come close.