Let's Talk Barriers

At it's core, CS is about helping people unlock the potential they have inside them. A huge part of living and feeling alive are experiences – ones that challenge you and ones that you can share with other people.

We know that a lot of the experiences we want are not always accessible and one of the things that Chasing Sunrise is committed to as a community is lowering the barriers to the experiences and lives that we want.

The better we understand the barriers that hold us back from engaging with life, the more we can do to acknowledge and remove them.

We understand that this is a vulnerable space and want to acknowledge the courage it takes to open up about this stuff. It flies in the face of what we hoist up as "strong" in our current world.

So simply put, on behalf of the community and everyone else who is facing that same barrier, thank you for opening up and contributing. It means a ton.

Your opening up will help us understand the current barriers that exist for people and together we can work to lower them.

PS. We've intentionally left the "Name" and "Email Address" fields not required. If these are barriers you want to acknowledge anonymously, that is okay. Keep in mind, we know this is a deeper subject than can usually be discussed in a form and can only do so with you if we have your name and email. We promise to keep all of your information confidential.

What are your current barriers to experiences? *
We use the word "experiences" broadly. This could mean day trips, weekend trips, or larger travel experiences.
This is a vulnerable space and we want to acknowledge that. Your opening up will help us understand the current barriers that exist and work as an organization to lower them.