As this community continues to grow into the tens of thousands, we want to make sure that it stays true to the reasons why we started it and the values we stand behind as a community.

We started this group because we saw what happens when the space gets created for rad humans to come together and connect with people they vibe with – and we’ve seen how much life is inside all of us when we have the space to do that.

Since day one our vision for this community is that it helps all of us live better lives and get after the things we want to do, surrounded by awesome like-minded people and as more people come into this group, we will continue to take the steps needed to keep it true to that and make sure that it continues to deliver a ton of value to all of us.

We know that there is so much potential for awesome lives and experiences inside this group and we believe that when done right, people coming together is magic. We love that you guys and girls use this group to do that and we have every intention of continuing to help foster and encourage that – as well as building ways to make it easier.

To help ensure that it keeps getting done right, we have put together some guidelines for the values this community stands behind, as well as some guideline for to make sure that the community posts that you all share stay high quality and relevant.

We got a good thing here, so let’s keep it growing, let’s keep it rad, and most importantly, let’s make it count.

A quick note about these guidelines – think of these as an initial draft that will grow and change as the community grows and changes. We always want these to come from and be supported by the community, so if you think any needs to be elaborated on, removed, or if we’re missing some, let us know here.



  1. Respect: Always give it to others and the places you are in. Know you deserve to have it given to you. Stand for it when you see it’s not there.
    Cool: being genuinely curious about others thoughts, taking care of the world and people around you.
    Not cool: berating others, judging, making fun of others ideas/thoughts/opinions.
  2. This Is What We All Make It – this doesn’t have to exist. Ask yourself what you can do to make this community unreal. If we all bring what we’ve got to this, it can be something that makes life better for everyone – in a lot of ways you have probably never thought of.
    Cool: contributing more than you take, helping other people, keeping the vibes good.
    Not Cool: using this group to try and move forward your own agenda.
  3. Humans Helping Humans – Give when you can, ask for help when you need, and don’t take advantage (not trying to reciprocate when someone helps, self-promotion, selling etc.).
    Cool: reaching out to people and helping them genuinely.
    Not Cool: taking more than you give.
  4. Trust – This is a safe space and we’ll always put the safety of the community above anything else. Trust is the bedrock and helps all of us get more out of life together. That erodes quickly when people break the trust.
    Cool: keeping your commitments to others – chipping in for carpools. Etc.
    Not Cool: self-promotion or selling things.
  5. Send It – this is about living life. We all sit on the sidelines in some way, so make sure you push yourself to get out in the arena. If you need or want help, just ask.
    Cool: pushing yourself (wisely/safely), bringing others along, getting uncomfortable.
    Not Cool: wasting your life wondering, being degenerative / wreckless / careless.
  6. What’s Most True > Our Individual Opinions: That’s worth getting to, but you can’t do it without being open. Take rigid opinions elsewhere. Don’t spew BS. Have discussions and be chill.
    Cool: wanting something to be better and being open and about it
    Not Cool: fighting for your opinion in a way that undermines / belittles others
  7. No Assholes: simple enough...
    Cool: not being an asshole.
    Not Cool: being an asshole.



We want to use this group to help all of you connect. To make sure that the posts stay relevant and that we all find value coming here, we’ve got some guidelines below.

If you have any questions, throw them into the comments below.

  1. Introduce Yourself – Whether you just joined or you have been watching from a distance for a while, drop a post and introduce yourself. Say hi, let us know what you’re about and why you’re here. We love hearing reading them. Please though, do not be overly self-promotional or shamelessly plug what you’re about. No one likes that and it degrades the quality of the group.
  2. Meet Rad People + Go On Adventures – Share what you are up to, invite others in the community to come along. Use this group to meet other people who vibe with who you are and want to get out there. Do so respectfully and responsibly.
  3. Share Your Experiences – Feel free to share cool photos of your adventures and recap what was awesome and what wasn’t (if anything). Make this more of an educational thing than a look at me thing.
  4. Ask Questions About CS – Ask any questions about what you’d love to get from CS, anything you don’t understand, or ideas for events, experiences, or gatherings.
  5. Community Advice – Requests for advice / give advice on gear, location, collaborations, etc.
  6. Community Events – Share important and cool things happening in our community, as long as they fit what this community is all about. If you’re on the fence, ask an admin!
  7. Things That Help You Get After Life – Awesome articles, books, sites, or advice that help us live more.

If you have a passion in a certain area/sport/activity and would love to start an ongoing group to bring people together around it, get in touch with one of the admins. There likely already is something similar that exists and we’d love to join forces on it and get your help, rather than build another one in a silo.

We will continue to let you all use your judgement on what you feel is acceptable to post. Keep it all rad and this group will continue to be a place we all can come to and enjoy! If you’re on the fence about a post, just fire anyone of the admins a message and ask.

Also, keep in mind, anything not posted from an “Admin” or “Moderator” is not an official CS event or a value/belief held by Chasing Sunrise.


We want to keep this community an awesome and safe space. If you ever have any concerns about the community or have an incident you want to let us know about, you can report them here. We take these reports seriously and use them to make sure we can keep this community thriving. Know that you can report any issue either with your name attached or anonymously, and we will always keep your information safe and private.