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We want to keep the CS community a safe space that everyone is stoked on.

A lot of stuff happens beyond what we can so, so we are committed to creating a culture where it can easily brought to light.

If there is ever anything that doesn't jive, whether it's something someone did, something going on in the community that doesn't feel right, or even something we did, we want to hear about it.

You voicing your thoughts helps us ensure that we can keep this space awesome for all of us.

Submit your thoughts/comments through the form below – either with your name or anonymously (if you feel more comfortable with that). Know that everything you write down will stay private and confidential, unless we have explicit permission from you to share it or it is a community-wide issue that needs to be address publicly. Know that your name will never be tied to anything and we will always put your privacy first and foremost.

If you do want a response from us, please leave your name and email below or we have no idea who to respond to.

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