Perspective: Your Life In Months

Life is too short, and can be too good, not to chase what’s real.

This Is Your Life In Months:

Take a look and see where you’re at. Put it into perspective.

Shoutout to Tim Urban (genius behind    Wait But Why   )

Shoutout to Tim Urban (genius behind Wait But Why)

DAMN. That's Sobering.

Especially, because none of these dots are even guaranteed.

There's something about seeing how many actual months you've spent, and how many you have stashed away (on average, at the most) that helps us personally drop our excuses and make the most of however many we might have left.

We can tell you with certainty though, there's around ~1 month, one dot,left this summer before labour day.

We’re determined to make the most of what’s left of summer. Join us.

Because having the time is one thing... and actually living is another.
Which, we know first hand, is not easy unless you have some of the right pieces.

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Quick Question.

How do you want that 90-year-old, in the bottom corner of that graph, to look back on the months you spent for them?

Image: Ivan Calderon

A Hard Truth: 

It's one thing to realize you want to make things happen. It's another to actually make them happen (especially consistently).

We know that first hand. It's why CS started in the first place. It can be really simple. But it can also be daunting if you're not in the flow, and there are some key pieces we all need. There might be some differences, and different things are needed at different times. But a couple core ones:

  • Some Space - to actually dream up, and make the things you care about happen.

  • Belief in your damn self - be willing to take the first steps. You will rarely (never) regret it.

  • Believed-in - accountability, the right people around you and real connection.

  • Knowing what you actually want - and what you don't. Tough to live a rad life without those.

  • What else ________?

That's our mission with CS - Doing the work to not only uncover what we all actually need, but to also build things so that as many humans as possible can make the most of these lives we've been given. On our own terms. With other great people to share it all with all along the way. 

Get out and make your time this summer count. Hit your crew up. Send this to a friend and call them out in the best way. Or fly solo. Just go.. and keep it going.

If You Need It - We've Got Your Back:

If you want some extra space, challenge, or a community of awesome humans to make the most of your weeks with

Check out Damn Early Days (it's how CS was born, and we built a platform to give others the same experience - wake up early for a month straight, get held accountable and focus on what matters to you. It's already changed a lot of other lives as well.)

Or jump into the Chasing Sunrise x Vancouver community - there's always rad people doing rad things. And most people are down to join in on someone else's idea.
(If you want help starting one of these in your city do it here.)

We also send this kind of stuff out by email. If you want to get on that list - you can do it here.

Thanks for the time in reading this - we know how real that time spent is.
Our hope is that you close this and make the most of every bit you might have left.