Long after the fires are out and the cameras have left, the communities who have watched their lives burn to ash will be left to re-build from the rubble of what is left. For some it will take days and for others months, if not years.

As a community, we believe that we are only as strong as the weakest member and we must see that their story does not end in despair and loss.

Instead, it must end in all of us rising together to create hope for those who have lost everything. 

We chatted with United Way and a couple other organizations and they are looking for numerous volunteers to help re-build the communities affected by the fire.

To help out, we are in the midst of looking into putting together volunteer trips to send our community to help re-build theirs.

The details of what needs to be done are currently sparse, but we are creating this list so when we have them we can act quickly.

If you're interested, leave your info below and we will be in touch once a plan is put in place.

Join us, we have work to do.

- J+G


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Please tell us a bit about your skill-set and how you will be able to assist as a volunteer. Please note that as needs become apparent, this list may evolve:
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