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*but please share with others you know might want to contribute.*


1. Share a couple words below: no need for grammar / spelling.
2. Share some pics or videos: Who is J?! The essence. Or Things you've shared.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Thursday April 12th
(but please do it now/as soon as you can so we can start compiling!!)


For someone who tries to live life to the fullest, and strives to share that with others, we wanted to not wait until it's all over to help everyone tell him what he's meant to us.

AND, to also challenge him for his next 30 years.  


This isn't exactly a "birthday present."
He wouldn't want one anyway. 
Our hope is that we can all share gratitude and memories with Julian while he is still very much alive. 


If you know J - you know he pushes to live life to the fullest. 

Not in an irrational way (well, sometimes, usually on purpose) or stupid way (well, 'calculated stupidity' is a tool he like to utilize often), but in a way that drives him through to experience things he knows he will have died happy having done. 
And to share that with as many other humans as he can.

Let's let him know how his being alive has made our lives better,
and also give him some inspiration (and a challenge - see below) for the next 30 years of his life. 

And on the other side of that same coin, the life that he's lived,
would not have been what it is without you in some way. 

So please share something below.

An experience, a memory, an insight, a friend who listened, maybe a little life-change, or.. something different. 

Whatever it has been, let's share it and celebrate that,
for the years that've passed and all the years to come. 

PS - None of this is mandatory - so fill in the sections you feel you want to.
Come back to it if something else comes to you.


*Share it in the first Person - as if you're speaking to him.*

Write a few words below 📝
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And don't worry about grammar or spelling.
Just let it flow.

Also - please upload some photos or video to the button below
We will be compiling a video, photo album and will be creating a custom book where we design and compile the responses.  

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It can be anything. It might capture the memory above, a few of them, or it could just be J as you know and love him, loving life.