21 Damn Early Days

Day 13

This morning's post builds on yesterday's, so if you haven't read that yet, I highly recommend reading it first (here).

It's simple, powerful, and puts your entire life into perspective.

This post dives a little deeper, focusing on the tail end – the "what's front of us" part – and does so through a very simple concept: "what if, instead of measuring your life in units of time, you measured it in activities or events."

Think about it:

  • If you drink a damn good cup of coffee each morning, that's just ~20,000 "first cups" left. Enjoy them appropriately.
  • If you get 4 really good hugs a week, that's just 12,500 really good hugs left in your life.
  • If you go on two good vacation each year, that means you have no more than 120 vacations left in your life.
  • If you see an old friend once a year, that's just ~60 more times you will see them in your life.
  • If you go on a rad road trip once every 3 years, that's just ~20 left in life.

Keep in mind, all of this is if you live to be a healthy 90 years old.

That hits hard when you think about.

What the article teaches you is to focus on priorities, maximizing the things that matter, because you only have so much of each one left.

It's sure as hell worth a read and, at the end, it lays down some pretty good rules on where to focus.

Take a read below.

Wait But Why - The Tail End

Oh, and of course, some tunes to kick it all off!