21 Damn Early Days

Day 10

As we settle into Friday, it’s hard to believe that this is almost half over.

10 of 21 days behind us.

By now, you should be getting familiar with early mornings. No, that doesn’t mean you’re killing it every day, but you should at least be beginning to understand what they are like, what’s working (or not), what you can do to improve, what needs to go and what you can/should change.

Like all good things in life, you get out what you put into it, so before you dive into your morning, it’s worth taking some time to reflect and solidify your thoughts.

Grab your coffee/tea and take 10 to 20 minutes to reflect back on the mornings and the impact they’ve had on you.

We’ve got some questions to get you started:

  • How’s your experience with 21DED’s been so far? What’s it been like?
  • How dedicated have you been to sticking with the mornings? Have you been getting up or going back to sleep?
  • Has it been easier or harder than you thought?
  • How was week 2 compared to week 1?
  • What things are working for you with 21DED?
  • What things aren’t working?
  • How was 21DEDs had an impact on your life? On your mood? In what way? Good or bad? 
  • What ways are best to spend your morning?
  • What routines and habits make you feel the best in the morning?

And, of course, some Friday vibes we're feeling to kick your morning off properly.