F*ck yes!

That's 5 days of 21 Damn Early Days behind you.

That's definitely something to be pumped on.

Before you dive into your the morning, it's worth taking a few minutes to reflect on the past week.

We've got a few questions to help you along, so grab your coffee/tea, sit back and reflect.


Some questions to think about:

How has 21 Damn Early Days impacted your last week?

Have you noticed getting up earlier impacting your entire day or just the morning?

How does it feel to be up hours before everybody else?

On days where getting up was easy, what made it that way?

On days where you struggled getting up/didn't get up, what held you back?

Was there any mornings that were particularly enjoyable? What was it about it?

What can you carry into next week? What can you drop?