On Saturday, September 12th, I turn 10,000 days old. That's a wild thing to think about.

10,000 days behind me. 10,000 chances to make it count. It's both humbling and wildly motivating.

For some, they hate getting older. For me, I'm god damn grateful I've gotten to live that many days. And because what's in front of me is uncertain, I'm not letting this one slip without doing something rad!

No, this is not a birthday – this is what making it count looks like in real life and I plan on leaving nothing on the table.

I've put together a day of rad shit and if you're reading this, I want you there with me.

The plan is simple. I've set up a basic itinerary and will be loosely following it throughout the day.

Join for some of it or join for all of it. But I at least want to see your pretty little face for something!

– #10000Days

10,000 Days: The Itinerary

5:30AM - Chasing Sunrise

I can think of no better way to kick this off than by Chasing Sunrise. The plan is simple. We're meeting in the parking lot of Mount Seymour at 5:30AM and taking off at 5:45AM sharp. And no, this won't be a 400+ person chase. We're going back to the roots on this one. Just a small group of rad humans catching sunrise and starting the day right. If you can't make it to anything else, I at least want you here.


9:00AM - Brunch in Deep Cove

A staple of CS, we're heading down to Deep Cove to grab brunch, post chase. The spot of choice this time will be Bluhouse Cafe (4342 Gallant Ave). Even if you didn't come chase, show up and join the show!


10:30AM - Leaving Vancouver for Whistler

After spending 11 days road tripping 4,800Km to Tahoe and back, I still haven't had enough of road trips, so we're taking a mini one up to Whistler to kill it for the afternoon. Lakes, waterfalls, bungee jumping, good eats and shenanigans.

We've added extra time to our travel time up there, as the Gran Fondo is going on this morning.


Pre-Bungee - Check Out Brandywine Falls (Time Dependent)

If the timing works, we'll be checking out Brandywine Falls because it's rad AF. This will be a game-time call that we'll make in Whistler.


2:30PM - Whistler Bungee*

First stop on the Whistler Train: a 160 foot free fall. There's not much more to say about that. And if you aren't convinced, seriously reconsider.

* PS. this has to be booked in advance, so if you want to come, let me know. I'm working on getting a group discount.


5:00PMish 'til sunset - Lion's Bay Cliff Jumping and Rope Swing

Some are saying summer's over, but I'm saying f*ck that. One last throw down at Lion's Bay. If you know the spot, see you there. If you don't, shoot me a message. PS. even if you don't plan on throwing down, this could be the last sunny evening in Vancouver and there's no better place to spend it than Lion's Bay!


Post Cliff Jumping - TBD

This is currently in the works.


I'm trying to get an idea of numbers for each of the pieces, specifically Chasing Sunrise, Bungee and Lion's Bay, so throw your name down below and check off if you plan on coming and I'll be in touch!